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  1. yeah i returned the monitor, the problem is w/ the monitor. Its mostly with VA panels. I have a vg279q right now and i dont have brigthenss flickering, brightness flickering w/ freesync should be a known thing because it happens on most VAs...
  2. yeah ok buddy, i got a stock SO OLD that it was from the first batch of the v2 fx and you want me to believe that 2020 batches actually exist and that you can buy them(without naming your info of all things)? Alright now i can see why some people dislike the list concept, its bullshit like this that fucks people over and i now realise i put too much trust into you and this list in general
  3. and im repeating myself as well, show me the info that shows that GX riotoro enigma g2s exist All youve been saying is that you have "info" then prove it to me
  4. show me this info, because me and other people ive seen on PCPP that bought this unit like a few weeks ago all got focus plus, i wouldnt trust the person that gave you this "info" after what just transpired
  5. prove it, i see no proof saying that the "new" batches(which probably wont exist) of the enigma g2 actually exist, Knowing its manufacturing date? How the fuck would i know its manufacturing date? The serial code shows the manufacturing date (aka 1804, 2018 april) and i can only see it when i get it in real life(and thats exactly how i found out).
  6. do i have to copy paste what i literally just said? If they supplied the supplier with EARLY 2018 ONES, do you really really think that they actually have newer batches with ZERO evidence and a ton of evidence supporting the opposite? I asked the supplier and they didnt have a manufacturing date, they have no info about that and if riotoro isnt telling them that means no supplier/retailer has info about the manufacturing date.
  7. oh yeah if i got one from literally early 2018 and other people that have gotten it on PCPP have focus plus as well ofc it just means that i got unlucky! You seriously think if they actually manufactured them actively i'd be getting an early 2018 batch??? Like if this is what they supply to suppliers i can guarantee you its going to be the same everywhere else, common sense really, seeing as they supplied the supplier w/ early 2018 ones lmao... And this is how i got kinda screwed, i wont have an issue unless i run a vega 56/64 but the fact is that i got a focus plus when this list showed me that it was gonna be an A, including reassurance that it was going to be fine from you
  8. i literally bought one and as you can see its not a focus gx... i posted pics of the cables which had the in built capacitor thingies Plus the first 4 numbers of the serial code are prolly the date cus it says 1804, 4th month of 2018 Reviewers had a similar 1804 date or 1709 or even 1704 Hell even looking at PCPP reviews of it ppl mention that the cables are very thick(which is what they are on the focus plus cus of in built capacitors on the cables making them very hard to maneuver)
  9. by the way u should drag down the riotoro enigma g2 to A- since as you can see they arent based on the new focus revision lol, hell mines from april 2018(the first batch of the v2 focus plus)
  10. Lol no its bs, i dont think riotoro can/needs to change that, even then its apparently a "max cooling mode" which would imply itd ramp up the fan to max but pressing the button a few times didnt result that at all, so its just BS or its worded wrong on their site.
  11. but theres no good way to tell which mode is set Like when the button is pushed in what does that mean? Edit: Nvm i saw on the amazon QNA page for the foucs plus platinum and a seasonic rep said this " Hi there, Thank you for your question. Actually the Hybrid fanless mode is when the button is in the out position. If pushed in, the fan will be engaged and spin continuously. We have documentation in our FAQ that explains this function in more detail. - https://knowledge.seasonic.com/article/9-focus-plus-fan-control-button. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns." So ye i just pushed the button in
  12. Can i press the button even when the PC is on?
  13. Meh idk, its done 3 times now. Once when i applied xmp and exited bios, once when i restart for chipset driver installation and this morning. Honestly it doesn't bother me i was just curious tbh lol As for the PSU the cables are really thick lol, like it was so hard to bend them it was honestly a pain setting it all up... Btw which mode is the best? There's a button at the back but i accidentally clicked it a bunch when i was setting it up, i decided to have the button turned off(yknow when its protruding out)
  14. Restart? No no, it doesnt randomly restart. It's completely fine in windows and works at the XMP timings fine, i dont rly mind if it shuts down and turns itself on when i restart/turn it on sometimes