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  1. Hi Velkarian, whats a glider? sorry.
  2. Yes logitech G hub. but i already tried using the Y splitter for the analog. still the same
  3. It is all 100% but if still feels like muffled I cant even quite hear my own footsteps. lol
  4. Hi guys, so I bought a Pro X headset and tested in games. Call of duty, Apex Legends, CSGO sounds great. But in PUBG it is Muffled or sounds very low. Anyone can Help? Thanks
  5. I purchase Cooler Master H500p Mesh white. My NZXT X62 did not fit in LanCool II
  6. Hi guys, just asking if the 200mm Fan from thermaltake will fit in my H500p Cash. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I am planning to upgrade my Case from NZXT s340 elite. I am looking for a good airflow case. (White case)My Specs:Ryzen 5 3600MSI B450 Tomahawk MaxTridentz Royal 16gbMSI RTX 2070 super Gaming X TrioSeasonic Focus 850w
  8. Hi guys. Merry Christmas. Do you have any suggestions about a case for 280mm aio at the top? maybe a white case would be awesome. btw my GPU is MSI RTX 2070 Super gaming X trio.
  9. Hi guys, title says it all. I am planning to buy this case but I have a 280mm aio, NZXT Kraken x62. I am wondering if can i mount it on the top.
  10. Debz

    GPU not 100% in PUBG

    same 1080p and competitive settings.
  11. My GPU is not maxing out on PUBG, I saw on youtube similar specs of mine their GPU usage is at 98% all the time mine is on 50s and 60s %what did I do wrong?My Specs areRyzen 5 3600Trident z royal 2x8gb 3600mhzMSi b450 tomahawk maxMSI RTX 2070 Super Gaming X Trio250 gb Samsung 970 Evo Nvme
  12. I have Ryzen Balanced power plan. my cpu clock speed in task manager is 3.9ghz even on idle.
  13. I have the same issue, My Ryzen 5 3600 is not sleeping anymore. I checked last month It was sleeping, now I checked again It is not sleeping. Is something I need to do to make it sleep again?
  14. Hi guys, I have a Ryzen 5 3600 with B450 Tomahawk Max. I was wondering why are my cores not sleeping anymore. in the 1st month I saw 4 cores were sleeping. Now I checked again their all at 400mhz idle. (Not sleeping) my clock is stuck at 3.9ghz.
  15. Yeah, I checked on pcpartpicker and it says i will only consumes 439 watt all of the components.
  16. Hi guys, I am planning to upgrade my GPU from MSI GTX 1060 gaming x 6gb to Gigabyte RTX 2070 super Aorus. I saw in their website that the recommended PSU is 650w. I was wondering, do I need to upgrade my PSU also? Thanks guys.