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  1. If you have any PCIe cards, aside from the 3D card, try removing them and booting that way. I've had issues with the latest BIOS conflicting with some older PCIe cards.
  2. They would likely benefit most from being multithreaded, however the major ones are written on engines that are generally a decade old, and are *very* CPU hungry due to flight mechanics and AI computations. Il-2 is a derivative of the Rise of Flight engine from the early 2000's. Likewise DCS is a direct derivative of the 2001 LO:MAC engine. P3D, while they've been splitting out threads is still based on the FSX engine. Il-2 only just added effectively two thread multi-threading in the last month. DCS is talking about going multi-threaded once they've migrated the platform to Vulkan. On the gripping hand, Flight sims are one area where Ryzen's in game single thread performance seems to match Intel's. Il-2. in particular, tracks passmark single thread performance almost exactly until you hit GPU limits. I am hoping the MSFS 2020 crew are building a multi-threaded engine. With the number of aerodynamic surfaces each plane has and everything else that has to go into it, a good multi-threaded implementation would go a very long way to making it accessible to people in the current mid-range to even console market. I do think we've passed diminishing returns on single thread CPU performance some time ago, and that the next likely performance improvement is going to be in multi threading.
  3. What about one of the Noctua coolers? D14 or U12? Both should put perform an H60 handily and the D14 will give a 240mm AIO a run for its money, for a good bit less. The think to consider will be case compatibility though. The D14 is very large.
  4. I actually tried disabling SMT on my 3800X to see what it did in IL-2 Battle of Bodenplattte, and running without SMT actually ended up costing me about 20% on the minimums. It was a bit of a surprise, given how single thread limited Il-2 always has been in VR. All I can figure is its not costing me on the heavy thread, and its keeping the light threads away from running it over. That said, I do not have comparible data on the 9700 or non-HT enabled 9900K for the current version. The last rounds of updates split out the terrain engine into a separate thread, invalidated the prior benchmark results and broke the last round of common benchmark tracks.
  5. Il-2 1946 for WWII combat sims. If you look around for the dynamic campaign packs, you can pretty much fly anywhere on any side during the war. Rise of Flight for WWI is good, but don't know how the requirements have evolved. For civilian flight sims, you can still get MSFS Flight Sim X: Steam Edition, and it may run, depending on the laptop. Graphics are rather dated though.
  6. Your criteria is not in evidence. As of yet, no one has shown this playable on an XBox One, only PC. Your instransigent insistence that this is playable on Xbox One has no supporting evidence as of yet. I have shown that Xbox branded games have existed that have not been playable on XBox hardware. As such, it is demonstrated that there is no requirement that a game with XBox branding be playable on the XBox One or any other XBox related hardware.
  7. I do not believe that is an XBox One trailer. I believe that is an XBox branded trailer. Those are different things.
  8. Do you believe that is running on an Xbox One?
  9. @Zando BobVery interesting. I'd be very skeptical of whether it could run well on Xbox One hardware, but I am seeing bits that Project Scarlette is targeting end on 2020, and I seem to recall from earlier developer interviews that they were expecting to release the PC version first, and if they do an XBox one, that would come later. I could see them doing a 1st or 2nd quarter PC release, and then following up with a holiday season release on Scarlette. I'll have to listen to more recent interviews to see if they say anything about it. @Intransigent MS Flight was a PC only Xbox Live title, so it's not unprecedented. Microsoft has rebranded all the games they've done under the XBox label. Does Microsoft even have a separate game label for PC only games? Further, are there any other MS titles that are dependent on streaming data at all? I suspect, in part, this is intended as a demonstrator of Project Azure. There are a lot of moving parts here that just may not fit in an XBox One, even if it's using that branding.
  10. I'd put it more at 80%. The game is expected to use the XBox Live service to handle the terrain streaming on PC, but there are some non-trivial interface issues that need to be resolved to run it on the XBox platform, not the least of which is the core sim is going to be mouse control heavy, and historically, XBox has been very mouse hostile. Basically they're starting from this: And need to have a way to run that with the stuff you can plug into an XBox. I think it should be possible to implement an RC style control interface for a simplified realism setting, but that's probably going to take some thinking, trial and error, and likely, some changes on the XBox side of the house. I think if they do, it has the potential to be a defining title for Project Scarlette, but there's no guarantee that the part will come together, and, despite the hype, there is not much margin for error on the primary title either. I think they have the right goals, the right team, and the right tools to pull it off, but if it fails to launch, I do not expect MS to pour resources down it to try and make it successful after the fact.
  11. The story is ok, but the worlds are beautiful. This is probably one of those games I'll replay in a few years or so, sort of like Shadow of the Colossus.
  12. So, they just came out with a new trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: I'll admit, I'm a mad flight-simmer so I've been excited about this since the first trailer looked good, but this I just want to put on repeat. Right now, they're bringing it to PC first and will investigate whether they can bring it to XBox. They're doing some clever things with the terrain engine to lighten the load, so it may well be possible to get it onto Project Scalette. Either way, I want.
  13. Here's another though for you to consider: is your PC set up so you can play on the couch? If not, you may want to go with the Xbox version simply because that way both of you two can play together.
  14. Yes. I did my install a couple of weeks ago with a 3.0 USB stick connected to a 3.0 port on my motherboard. Worked fine for me. Addendum: I did this on a Gigabyte Aorus Pro WiFi X570 motherboard rather than their Z390 board. It may be board or chipset specific, which slots it can boot from.