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  1. It showed up but its stuck on bios its not detecting my os in ssd
  2. everything has been done but not showing in monitor..
  3. In which slot am i suppose to put my gpu
  4. Thanks..guys i have a lot to ask please help me to build up my pc.. Thank you..
  5. Will these paste work..?
  6. Thank you guys...i will buy it...
  7. Will my pc work without thermal paste
  8. Thank you guys..its working as expected..
  9. Thank you..very much everyone ..ill buy it..
  10. Hello everyone..i have gigabyte z390 300 series motherboard..and i5 9400 coffe lake processor it says 65 watt..16 gb ram and 1060 gtx from zotac..is 450 watt power supply enough for this stuffs...waiting for reply to put together...