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  1. I'm gonna buy 3 corsair fans (LL140 RGB). I heard some people needed to buy splitters because there wasn't enough space in the rgb hub/controller. Now, can someone help me understand what's going on? I'm pretty new to these kind of topics, so I would like to know how I can mount my fans without any problems. Thanks everyone!
  2. Have an idea where to find the profiles in the bios?
  3. So, I have an OC Button on my motherboard, today, out of curiosity i pressed it and my screen turned black and turned to normal, then black again and stayed that way until i pressed that button again. Just wondering, do you have some ideas on why my screen turned black? I have 16 GBs of RAM 3200 hz,RTX 2070 GAMING Z,Ryzen 7 2700x, a 1TB HDD and a 475 gb SSD. My monitor is Full HD 1080P 144HZ. Edit: forgot to mention that my Power Supply is 750W
  4. Yeah, it functions perfectly and i really like it. But that display bug bothers me.
  5. Maybe a stupid question,but what's your budget?
  6. Hey just wondering how control the Aorus X470 display since it always show those "AA" that, on the user manual, just means "Reserved"! Please help.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if my cooler master MC500MT has a vertical gpu mounting kit that comes with it, because I heard that some cases come with that kit.