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  1. i wouldnt buy any board without 4dimm slots. and secondly i actually need something more like 24gb or 32gb. if i open photoshop with chrome at the same time i get page file error and my pc locks up cause rams full lol. my photoshop addons has acumalated to having to have the program on its own usb ssd now. but the addons shouldnt load with the program unless they're needed but it all ends up in ram. cod modern warfare can use more than 16gb if u wack it up with sun and shadow caching which also means not even able to have obs run or even use gamebar recording or relive ect. as in my sig the specs are mostly correct but the hyperx is actually 3600mhz i didnt actually realise i had it wrong till today. and cod is the only game afaik and photoshop with chrome that use the full 16gb. i could just run cod on normal settings and play with 8gb since id actually hit over 144hz that way. soo smooth i can belive its not butter lol.
  2. almost all gigabyte boards from the sandy bridge and ivy bridge era had dual bios feature never worked in my experiance.
  3. well my inital though was that the clock speed boost will help run yuzu and rpcsx3 alot better. and cemu too.
  4. honestly im just talking from a performance perspective. i could bail on playing cod as much and just chuck in the other 8gb in as n when i need too.
  5. 2600x and im using a rx580 8gb three slot card oc'd to the same speed as a 590 from evga
  6. i found my old GA-H61M-USB3V with corrupt bios. it powers up and shows the spash but then says bios corrupted. anyone know if this board has Q-flash support and what fkey it is?
  7. so im back to using my mixed furyx 3600mhz and corsair lpx 2133mhz ram so im stuck at 2133mhz 16gb. im curious if 8gb 3600mhz will be worth using alone rather than running 16gb at way lower. would i be better off just ordering another 2 8gb 3600mhz furyx sticks. i dont know if making do with 8gb @3600mhz will work since all i play atm is cod modern warfare.
  8. so if we understand what i ment it will be the audio equivalent to using xoutput to make a logitech steering wheel use a third party wheels pedals as a single xinput controller. monitor speakers and my alc892 audio mixed into a single 2.1 or if i add my bluetooth speaker as a rear i could theoreticly have a 5.1 setup without buying a physical device to do what software can do.
  9. @CriminalAphid26 Thank you worked a charm. going to chuck the dev some bread since this thing is nice and ways easier to use. is anyone aware of a way to use two audio devices as a single device since my sub works great with the orange jack on my built in audio but the speakers built into my screen are way better than i thought because the guy i bought it from had scrapped the lame ones and replaced them with decent alpina ones from a bmw. so since i havent jumped on a pair of bookshelf ones to mount on the wall i figured id use the stereo ones in my monitor since they sound great. i used to use a virtual audio bus driver that lets you select multiple devices so i could theoretically use Bluetooth speakers for rear and my monitor and sub for true 5.1 i got it from github and used to use it with equaliser apo but ive never found it again.
  10. My friend who works at cex just had a pc taken in and they strip the ram cpu and storage out and ditch the rest or give back to the customer but some kids dad said he doesnt want it back and to just do what ever he wants with the motherboard psu and case. so hes keeping the case and psu but gave me the motherboard luckily since i was in the store as it happend. so i went round back grabed the board and have it sat on my tech jesus mat waiting to see if i use it or wait till Wednesday to finally get off the a320m chipset. can it crossfire 2 RX580s. ive seen and noticed with some builds regardless of the fact of using a fullsized x4 slot that performace varies board to board so will this board do it or should i get the 2 metal slot x470 or x570 board on Wednesday instead and donate this board to someone i know could do with a upgrade.
  11. yeah ive had that issue before. its a shame theres no 120mm hybrid cooler for £50 or less that will cool it. i may just pay someone with a better quality build ethic to just do a cpu/gpu soft tube loop. maintaining is easy but actually doing it and trusting me not to half ass it or cut corners i really dont. so dont wanna let me do that. im very bad at patience.
  12. yeah i agree. i used one on my 980ti that is now retired. but the cooler was damaged which is why its back with its reference and its been shelved. was my dads gpu and although its broken i want to keep that thing. will another cooler from a third party card work? i see alot of gigabyte ones that are from uk that i can use if they will fit. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ARCTIC-Accelero-Twin-Turbo-III/dp/B00IEO8H22/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=gpu+cooler+heatsink&qid=1584078870&refinements=p_72%3A419153031&rnid=419152031&sr=8-5 <the artic costs more than i paid for the card too. kinda wanted to only pay more than the card cost if i could get it really quiet under load. using a corsair carbide 275r for the case. so it will look alright cosmeticly but the it bleeds sound this case.
  13. actually "so can we as a tech crazed people just agree that all things of this nature are to be referenced to as Human Malware to save everyone being a victim of twitch, mmo and youtube negative repercussions of some kind." is a question but i use a period not a question mark. and i was just asking if we could all agree to use that terminology to prevent screwing ourselves and eachother over on other platforms. ltt forum is generally the best and least oppressive/supressive tech community so i figured it would be fine to ask. i havent been proof reading btw its like 8am or something and im extremely tired so sorry if some of this lacks grammar.
  14. so on topic reply. i was going to use a artic but they dont look too nice what with the intel stock cooler looking fan cage lol. but thats not the one i ment this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/RAIJINTEK-Morpheus-Black-Heatpipe-Kühler/dp/B00R6YQYQ2/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp?cv_ct_cx=gpu+cooler+heatsink&keywords=gpu+cooler+heatsink&pd_rd_i=B00R6YQYQ2&pd_rd_r=c05d1d57-01fb-43bb-bfe8-0d97c233854b&pd_rd_w=JDGGh&pd_rd_wg=Tec2V&pf_rd_p=7dc56c0d-8a5f-4d97-9143-7233b106859a&pf_rd_r=QXZ0PCMGVV5P44B7T67T&psc=1&qid=1584078870&refinements=p_72%3A419153031&rnid=419152031 off tpoic reply awesome. i find it really funthat i got a out of the box fully natively working ryzen hackintosh. been doing it since snowleopard. and ryzen was the easiest ever which is crazy since there is no ryzen mac.
  15. i have a serious question. because a bunch of us not just in one game but a couple of us in runescape 3 and wow and 3 more of our mmo group got muted in guild wars 2 and in fallout 76 for talking about Human Malware using a specific name. so can we as a tech crazed people just agree that all things of this nature are to be referenced to as Human Malware to save everyone being a victim of twitch, mmo and youtube negative repercussions of some kind. its only a matter of time before youtube and twitch demonetises people for the current Human Malware being mentioned in comments.
  16. if you want the front audio to not buzz too you can try do what i do with all cases and stick a ferrite core on that thing. it helps more than people think. especially in cheap cases.
  17. so i have my r9 285 gaming x 4g card ready to be used in a dedicated ryzen 1200x hackintosh but... i think the cooler is dead no not the fans those things work and hurt funnily enough. but i think the aluminium chunk is dead or the heat pipes. i mean the thing has limescale on it and ive tried several thermal pastes and the only way i stopped it overheating was to wack fans on 100% and under-clock and volt to the limit it allows in afterburner. which isn't ideal. so i know i can get a replacement cooler of the same kind from china via ebay but i don't fancy waiting over 2 months for it if it even gets shipped with all this human malware going on i'm 100% skeptial. so reality sets in i need this card since i already have it, got it for 75% less than its 2nd hand value and it has metal support so i deffo need it for updates for Catalina and so on. i found a german cooling heatsink but its more expensive than what i got the card for and i'd need to add my own fans though 2 120mm fans would be cool. although im open to a hybrid cooler if its £50 UK Rupees or there abouts. there is zero chance of me using a kraken for this thing. im way more sketchy than Linus with D.I.Y so custom soft tube loops i am not doing myself. *off topic question* can i have a youtube link in my sig of my current rig that shows it dual booting windows/mac os?
  18. have you tried changing the settings for netflix in the browser mine displays 1080p but i have to full screen it given im on a 21:9 monitor i use a exention called ultrawide wideo stretches it to fill the screen. some things look bad most i can get away with and not even notice the slight distortion.
  19. well the issue with that is im mostly running into Russians or eastern Europeans. the ones who do speak English are great but on the larger scale most of those guys do not speak English and its hard to find social people in game. this has been the issue since launch though. and why i switched to ps4 in the first place. the unduanted weeklys for example people there come off as elitist but in reality its just because no one talks in game. and where i live in the uk most people my own age who game are football crazed power heads. am i refuse to own an inferior platform to play 3 games. eso being the main game and horizon zero dawn and god of war were the other 2. quick edit i should note i've played since closed beta and still have my ban email from said closed beta for leaking footage on youtube watermarked with my username. such a noob mistake...
  20. pixlr editor 2020 LINK: https://pixlr.com/e/ Pixlr Editor is a good browser based app (can be made into a web app for desktop) i use it for things i need done quickly that Photoshop isn't distinctively required for because it has a lot of functionality but it loads so much quicker since it isn't bulked with all my add-on stuff like stencils, brushes, patterns ect. its free, requires ZERO sign up although you can to store files there too but I'd deffo read their eula incase you profit from using their tool im not 100% sure if they have anything sketchy in there regarding that. but i also used their old java based tool which was just as good.
  21. I just got back into it and my groups and guilds are dead. i do use mic and discord.i speak only English though but can get the gist of Dutch and Belgian tongues since ive played with a group of both on runescape for years. i was actually better on ps4 pro since ive not touched pc due to it being dead last time too. i play a stampler ww geared well enough though my champion points are 216 and all wrong atm. working on a necromancer right now so could do with some people to play with. i have eso plus so i have access to everything. extra info: maxed mount stats. level 10 metal working. decent at pvp. happy to pass loot i dont need if it serves the group.
  22. erm i think the wraith max and prism are nicer although the black version is okay. and i use mixed ram which is bad but its for asthetics and aslogn as ran slot 2 isnt covered im find the hyper x is like 2x taller than corsair lps heatspeaders. ive switched to a rx580 after selling the rtx 2060 for 290 so i can save more cash towards a major upgrade. im still sitting on a 3950x and a x570 tuff board. but for now i only care for asthetics. so something really nice looking is important i managed to pick up a Acer XZ350CU for under 50 gbp but it does have scan lines at the sides but luckily this one can oc to 155hz on freesync which makes me think its been modified but now my colour scheme is black and silver/white. so with that said im tempted to spend over 100 pounds on a aio and just replace it every couple years.
  23. i know i h\ve several of these from ivybridge pcs. in fact my uncles pc uses one in his z97 pc. i want a asetheticly pleasing cooler. that means it has to be more hot looking than michelle keegan and as cool as jonny depp or cloony
  24. if i can find a coolermaster v8 for ryzen im sold the old coolermaster v8v2 was the best cooler to ever grace a black and red build.