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  • Birthday 1993-05-25

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    Slough, United Kingdom
  • Occupation
    Missing a few screws like my pc.


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600X
  • Motherboard
    Asrock B320M
  • RAM
    12GB DDR4 Corsair Vengence 3200MHz 3x 4GB
  • GPU
    Nvidia RTX 2060 Founders Edition
  • Case
    CiT Seven
  • Storage
    1x 128GB Sandisk M.2 SSD 2x USB 3.1 1TB WD HDD and 1x USB 3.1 2TB Segate HDD, 1TB and 500GB Segate Barracuda HDD.
  • PSU
    Aerocool Integrator 700W
  • Display(s)
    LG UltraWide 25UM58, waiting to get 2 more.
  • Cooling
    AMD Wraith MAX Cooler/UP HERE DUAL FAN RGB COOLER (currently in hackintosh) 3x Ez-DIY 120mm dual ring rgb fans intend to buy a 5pack to fill her up. 1x uphere fan that came with the case plan to remove.
  • Keyboard
    Roccat Ryos MK-FX
  • Mouse
    Logitech G203
  • Sound
    Home Made 2.2 dual subs for left and right side of the under desk.
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro Latest Build.
  • Laptop
    Waiting for Ryzen 4000.

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  1. So I could use a z97 Asus tuf thermal armour board with a i5 5600x?
  2. So I could use a z97 Asus tuf thermal armour board with a i5 5600x?
  3. I don't use Intel as a main pc but I'm building rigs while I have access to large amounts of used parts without any cost perse. Some might have a price depending on value.
  4. Powe4 consumption isn't an issue and I've got it running as a nas/folder in a Walla mounted case though it's not wall mounted just yet. I intend to mount both my Asus tuf armoured mobos on the wall above my tripple screen setup. Which the a 2060 fe pulls 60 fps in most everything at 7680x1080.
  5. Patriot Memory PV38G213C1K (8 GB, DDR3 RAM, 2133 MHz) I got 2 8gb kits from a friend. what's the latest compatible Intel chipset I haven't followed Intel since the ryzen hype. But I figure id build a rig using a Asus tuff armoured mobo if there's one available.
  6. OHH see i have annoyances with using windows as a nas. and given the i could stick in 8 2tb hdds use 2 of them as 2 personal drives only i can access. i think linux maybe the best option. tho i bought a 16gb patriot viper 2133mhz PV38G213C1K kit from a friend and they work awesomely. i just want to find a cheap 3770k and i decided to use a 2nd hand r9 380 msi card since i can sell the 1070 buy a another 2 matching 380s and let one of those run the fold. and ive set up my old intel dq77mk board with a 3245 i3 and the 1050 folding right now with the windows version. since i want to show make it look black af n the case with just the black and gold fans and such i decided ima paint the msi gaming cowling on the cards matt black and use a golden msi decal on the sides and one on the top cards backplate.
  7. sounds good, recomended linux distro? i prefer a kde style desktop. also what is the fold software. since its a pretty good thing is there any dedicated place to keep up to scratch and read up on this. i see cryptomining as toxic capitalism. where as folding sounds good foeveryone.
  8. if i can seperate my 1070 from the folding program thats a sealed deal.
  9. well is there a way of controlling what gpu it uses as the psu i have will power 3 gpus and if i fold on the 1050ti i want to be able to use my 1070 for someone else to game with me as my mrs is stuck using a craptop and i do have a 3770k somehwere in here and a hyper 212evo. i will stick a pcie m.2 card in the 3rd pcie slot. and maybe nas all ym old 1tb hdds since she can use linux for the games we'll play together on steam. so 8tb nas/ folding pc or the latter and linux steam gaming pc too.
  10. hmm, and doesnt stress the card too much like crypto, i have a 1050ti strix card doing nothing i can put inside it.
  11. this ones nice too. using reshade for depth and quint shaders.
  12. this skyrim capture i found very nice wish id hidden the ui