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    AMD FX 8320
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    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
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    ADATA 16GB 1866
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    WD 1TB HDD
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    750W Silverstone
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  1. @WoodenMarker Are there any fans you would suggest even if it was just a singular fan? ( I will get a $20 mail in rebate with my graphics card anyway so might as well use it ) Okay so side panels = intake Top = Exhaust Back panel = Exhaust as well? Front panel = Intake
  2. @WoodenMarker Apologies for the second tag I forgot to mention something earlier. I can't remember if it was you or the other community member who mentioned it but you had mentioned something about a power supply possibly being faulty. The reason I don't (personally) believe it is the power supply is because the graphics card ( AMD Radeon 7850) you can plug it in and it will recognize the basic Microsoft display adapter driver but if you try to update the driver at all it just starts crashing the computer/restarting it constantly. I installed the graphics card with just the basic Microsoft display adapter driver with windows 10 and took a look at dxdiag. It was saying even in there like code 18 or code 43 or something I forget exact code. It said something about the 7800 series card wasn't working right and needed to reinstall the driver. Under DXDIAG it didn't even show it as the 7800 series but as ATOMBIOS with 8.123mb of video memory (which is of course incorrect a 7850 has 2gb) I've even gone as far as to watch how LTT put thermal compound on their gpu and gave my gpu a good cleaning with new compound added etc and it still gave same issue which leads me to believe it is the card is bad entirely.
  3. @WoodenMarker Currently the two good fans are intake ( pushing air in to cool) the bad fan has been the exhaust. I have exhaust in the front panel as with a poor cpu cooler I needed the extra flow in the back. With me getting a larger cpu cooler here are my thoughts 1) Exhaust in the back 2) Intake on the side (if room after cpu cooler) 3) Intake fan/fans from top of case 4) Intake on front panel I have attempted to set the minimum already to 100% and that did not resolve the issue.
  4. They are the stock Azza 120mm fans. One of the fans I know has a crack in it and when you spin it it only spins for a seconds. I've observed how it operates and it doesn't seem to spin that fast ( no matter of location or if I control it manually via software) One of the other fans while it performs almost average it does seem to have times where it doesn't spin as it should under heavy load almost like a stutter if you will. The other case fan seems to be operating fine.
  5. @WoodenMarker What are the dimensions for that first Scythe Choten? Not the best at conversions but that's under 6 inches right? That would seem like an ideal one for sure. Can you suggest some case fans for me as well please? I will likely be replacing my current stock ones as I still personally feel they aren't totally operating as they should or at least 1 of them isn't. Will likely purchase 3-5 fans depending on the cooler unit I get. And I want to thank all of you for helping so far I am probably going to be buying in the next couple of days as well considering the graphics card I've been eyeballing just went on sale.
  6. @Ramamataz This is the PSU I have. I purchased it new from Newegg back in early 2017. https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-s12ii-series-s12ii-620-bronze-620w/p/N82E16817151096?Item=N82E16817151096 Is there anyway I could test to see if it is my PSU. My PSU may still be under the warranty I purchased with it so if I need to RMA it would be good to know for definite. Edit: from looking at the specs on that site you posted it appears to be a Tier 4 which ( I assume) is decent.
  7. USA, east coast to be more exact. I mainly shop at Newegg but not against Wal-Mart(if Wal-Mart retail item) , BestBuy, PCMall etc. Anything besides used parts, craigslist that sort thing, or ebay/amazon really.
  8. yes they are 120mm fans So I measured the distance as instructed on that site from the cpu to the side panel today. It appears to be about 6.5 inches in total. Probably wouldn't be very comfortable trying to fit anything too close to that into the case. (Maybe stop at 6 or 6.2 inches) The grooves go slightly on the inside and so don't want it to be directly touching the case side.
  9. That is indeed the case! Do not have a ruler currently will stop by the store tonight and pick up one. Considering the side panel will have case fans as well do you need measurements took away for those fans as well? Would had been awesome if I could get a NH cooler in there but with it being a mATX board I somehow doubt it will work.
  10. Guess I should rephrase that somewhat now that I think about it. I would have no issue replacing the cpu cooler, case fans, and the gpu guess I just need to consider boosting my budget a little. If I was to say boost the budget from $200 to like $250-$275 do you guys think you could help me crunch some product suggestions? I assume the cooler is going to need paste applied to it as well which is something I have never personally done before but from watching multiple videos in the past of LTT doing it just more or less a small little dot. I was aiming to purchasing something like maybe a 8GB video card. (RX 570/80 possibly?) From what I've read and been told in the past AMD tends to run a little cooler than Intel products. But as far as case fans + cpu cooler pretty lost as far as what to get and what to look for when shopping. If I am going to need some kind of paste a recommendation on that would be nice too as I am pretty sure there are several "kinds" of that.
  11. I will likely be purchasing from Newegg. What makes you think it is the cpu cooler going faulty? I've noticed after heavy resources are used the entire motherboard is fairly hot versus just that central area. Don't actually know if you can tell anything from this old picture.
  12. Not entirely sure on the case model as it is a iBUYPOWER branded case. Looks similar to a MicroATX case commonly used by NZXT in the 2012-2013 year. As far as the fans...I misspoke. I took two of the three off today and looked for a model # *couldn't find one). They are AZZA 120mm fans. Two of the fans are clear with blue RGB and one is just your basic black AZZA fan.
  13. CPU: FX 8320 GPU: Currently integrated graphics … ATI Radeon 3000 Motherboard: GA-78LMT-USB3 (I don't know the Version sorry but I know it's not the newest one) Memory: Stock ADATA 16GB memory like 1866 or something. I HAD a AMD Radeon 7850 for a GPU but I speculate it got too hot or something (again assuming due to temps as my system has been getting extremely hot at times.) So essentially...one day I heard this noise and then started to smell like a burnt smoke smell or something. … Couple of weeks after that the graphics card started having some serious issues where it caused my PC to constantly restart. I can't even have the card in the system anymore as it basically makes the system unusable sadly. I started to monitor my temps more frequently via speedfan and here are the current results as I am typing this: Fan 1: 12RPM Fan 2: 3013 RPM Fan 3: 0 RPM Fan 1: 4245 RPM Fan 2: 0 RPM Fan 3: 0 RPM Fan 4: 0 RPM Fan 5: 0 RPM Temp1: 43C Temp2: 70C Temp3: 81C HDD: 39C Core: 58C Should be noted if I am doing something heavy for the system the Temp 2 and Temp 3 gets to almost 100C easily. Generally my system crashes/reboots or whatever at that temperature also though. I mean as I am not a huge gamer beyond Grand Theft Auto V, Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect 2 + 3, and a couple of other small games I am not looking for anything fancy. I don't really care if it has RGB, if it is loud , etc. I am more concerned about performance for the buck within in my budget. Whatever is decided...I hopefully want to try snag a decent deal on Black Friday/Cyber Monday or at the latest a Christmas present.
  14. Hello guys, So...long story short my computer is about 5-6 years old and I have started to do some minor upgrades. I plan to purchase a budget graphics card (possibly a RX 570) and one thing I want to consider with this purchase is also some "budget fans" that while "not the best in the world" will do what they need to do. I am not looking to do 'extreme gaming" or anything like that. I mostly play Grand Theft Auto V at like 1920x1080 or 720P ( I do on the rare occasion stream as well) That is the main reason for the upgrade. My CPU is still perfect for streaming the games I play so not really worried about that. Anyway I am getting off topic... my fans well...yeah as you can imagine in a prebuilt had your basic fans. I have two issues: 1) I don't really understand the whole cooling system thing. I have took a PC (my PC in particular) apart several times so I am comfortable working with it) How should cooling be done? Is there a specific "direction" the fans are supposed to be ? Etc. All of the fans from my own research indicate that I have 120MM fans (three of them). I currently have one stock fan in the back, one in the front of the case, and one on the side panel. I am interested in purchasing maybe either 3 or possibly even 5 new fans and redoing the cooling system entirely utilizing those. 2) I don't even know where to start really. My budget is likely going to be $75 MAYBE $100 for all the fans max. More I put into the fans less I have for the graphics card. Not wanting to spend more than $200 for both projects.