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  1. Asus b350f, it was in the tags
  2. Yes I got it from the Asus support page for the board. I just did a reset on Windows. The adapter still is not showing up.
  3. I am attempting to use a wired connection in place of the wireless connection. DeLand port on the back of my board is lighting up but when I go to install the driver I get an error saying that the adapter is not present. I am unable to find the adapter in device manager. Please help!
  4. I'm trying to use a wired connection instead of the wireless. When I try to install the network driver from the Asus site I get an error message saying that the adapter is not present. This is all I am seeing in device manager. Please help!
  5. I completely uninstalled VPN and am performing another network reset. If this doesn't fix it I guess my only other option is to do a windows reset which I really don't want to do (re download all games/apps/device software)
  6. I have no VPN settings to change for windows. Default gateway is not available is what I'm still getting. I'm about ready to pull out my hair
  7. Yeah I've tried all that to include disable/enable device w/wo restart, uninstall/reinstall drivers, windows network reset... I'm really at a loss
  8. I don't know if the router is the culprit; my phone is also connected, among other devices, and the PC is the only device having these issues
  9. Recently decided to jump on the VPN wagon mainly for torrenting purposes. It's not something I want active all the time because of the speed loss and it seems to break any kind of online gaming. But even with VPN off, I'm getting disconnected continuously. Like every five minutes or so. The error windows gives me is the default gateway couldn't be reached. At this point I just want my internet back. Edit: Also, I'm staying connected to the network, but now I'm getting the no internet access error
  10. they are water cooled 3gb xspc I think. Still sorta new to #pcmasterrace hah
  11. I currently have a FE GEFORCE GTX 1070 but a friend is selling 2 new in package Radeon 7970. My rig has a ryzen 5 2600. Should I stuck with the 1070, or would I get better performance with dual 79790s?