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  1. Latest bios intalled (0803). Funny thing is immideatly after BIOS update things function normally. Then after a USB flashdrive boot it started being wonky again.But I'm told bios shouldn't be affected by software changes and such unless it's a actual BIOS update? I'll test later! I'm starting to think something is wonky with the mobo itself, and not the ram modules. Thanks. Is it single or dual rank memory sticks?
  2. Thanks for your insight, this is helpful! Atleast I know somebody somehwere got even higher rams to work.
  3. Yea, nah manually setting it to 1.35 or anything above 1.2 doesn't help. Still fails to reboot three times and goes into safemode. 2100 or whatever it is.
  4. 1.1 (recommended by the calc) Also tried 1.05. So this was our initial thought too. The XMP says it changes it to 1.35, and sometimes it doesn't. However manually setting it to 1.35 or even 1.4 / 1.45 but still not booting anything above 3200mhz. Honestly, this should work right out of the pox with the XMP? I'm still struggling to find out if it is the MB or the RAM fault, or just not compatible (Which seems a bit odd for me).
  5. That's actually helping me a lot. I now know it's supposed to just work off the box. Did you activate the O.C.P.P (or whatever the XMP is called) manually in bios and that's it?
  6. Hello! I'm going to keep this short, if someone could provide insight that would be great. I have a ASUS WS PRO x570-Ace and G.Skill Trident Z CL16 3466mhz ram (Single) 64GB ram, running a Ryzen 9 3900x A handfull of times the sytem would run 3466mhz cl16, then just refuse to boot with it and resort to 2100 standard. The XMP settings doesn't work (3466) Manual setting the XMP settings does not work (3466) Dram Calculator full manual settings (including voltage, bus clock, cpu et) does not work. (3466) XMP sttings done manuall works to 3200mhz with cl22. Dram calculator full manual brings me 3200mhz cl 16 with decent timings. Either the startup fails 3 times goes into safe mode, or completely black screen. BSOD once when only voltage was bumped to 1.4v on the XMP settings. Ram-tests shows modules works as intended. Question: is there a compability issue with my ram sticks and the motherboard= is there a chance that they are not working correctly? They are single and not dual. Is this a problem populating all ram slots? Is there settings I'm for sure is missing in the bios Why won't the System / CPU / MB accept anything above 3200mhz? If anyone has ANY insight on this. Maybe you have the board yourselve? Please help a fellow out.
  7. Oh, that's a huge overlook by me. Is this a real thing. I thought the XMP settings would fix this? It seems odd that straight out of the box ram shouldn't reach is hights cause the XMP doesn't fix the bus clock - and everyone manually have to set this themselves. But if am understanding you correctly. To get a 3466 mhz Ram set to work on a Ryzen 3900x one would have to manually alter the BUS clock in order to get the RAM to work with the CPU? And the XMP setup does NOT do this. Or am I at a loss?
  8. Thanks for your answer. So yea, I'm striving to get the ratio 1:1:1, I'll look into the 1.4, thought it was only half tha was the "best". Tested each module by itself, also ran stresstests on each module itself too. Took awhole day I tell you, but I can't shake the feeling that there is something wrong with the modules. As of per now it's running stable on 1:1:1 on 3200mhz. But for the love of anything i can't get it past that. I'm reluctant to send them back, but I did not pay a large extra sum of money only to push 3200 out of em. The 3200 is actually, and almost, half the price at CL16 in my country. My question is further: This x570 is pretty new and I expect bugs, can this bi a BIOS issue / bug resolved later? Secondary question: system reverst to ECC enabled everytime in safemode. What's the implications of running ECC enabled on non ECC memory sticks?
  9. System Asus Pro Ws x570 Ryzen 9 3900x Radeon VII G-Skill Trident Z 64gb (Cl16 3466mhz) M.2 Evo Pro 1Tb SSD x 2 4T old spindisk Noctua 140mm fans x 7 Define R6 USB C. Windows 10, clean install Where to begin. Every driver is up to date, installed fresh. The system would run fine on automatic using the 3466 cl16 1:1 FLCK / MLCK, but would only run that every 3rd startup. Rest of the time it would go into safemode. BIOS settings preffered safe values at 2133 upon starting the system (DEFAULT). For the life of me I cannot get the system to start with anything above 3200mhz. And running on 3200 it isn't even 1:1 FCLK:MLCK. This is what I've done so far. Tested the memory, came out with no errors. The ram modules seems to be in order. This is tested trough bootup so no system interferance. Turned off auto and set the FLCK:MCLK 1:1 and results in bluescreen on startup. When opting into safe mode the BIOS automaticly activates the ECC option. I don't have ECC modules. Setting FCLK to 1733 (3466 mhz) and the MLCK the system starts but sets the MLCK to 2133mhz and leaves the FLLK at 1733. Clean bios update install, worked for 3 cold starts before it turned crazy again. Played around with different settings that may affect - no results. At time the system is running on CL 15 2134 mhz (auto) with 1200 FLCK (auto). Tried testing the 1:1 ratio 3466mhz trough Ryzen Master, still reverting back to safe mode on restart. Frustrating. System starts sucessfully on 3200, but FCLK is only 1200 at this setting. Frustrating. Seems like the system DON'T wan't to run COUPLED MODE. Frustrating I know the x570 is new, and will have some instability issues. But at this time I'm wondering if the RAM modules, or the MB is at fault? Or is it something I am missing since the system simply won't run on "stock". Been at it for two days and just can't get the system to run 3466mhz stable, and I'm worried about the BIOS reverting to ECC mode ENABLE on EVERY safemode. BIOS bug? Hell I can't even get the system to run stable at anything ove 3200mhz. I'm at a loss. Help?