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  1. This is actually happening on two PCs I just plugged in my other one but that is a different topic it is having a different problem. Here are the specs I have for the one now: I don’t really know how to say them correctly but this is all I have. Thank you if you follow through with this. I’m kind of a noob.
  2. His is my first pc build and I have got everything working except my graphics card is not spinning and the memory should light up to show that it is on( the sticks) but they aren’t. I don’t know if the graphics card is plugged in correctly but I assume it is because it lights up but the main light is blinking red. I don’t know if this is a feature or if it bad because the other lights to the side are normal. And the ram sticks are fully pushed in I have tried them in each slot. It will not get a signal on the monitor.