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    London, UK


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
  • Motherboard
    Asus TUF X570-Plus Gaming
  • RAM
    Corsair 16GB Vengeance DDR4 3600MHz
  • GPU
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
  • Case
    Fractal Meshify S2 Blackout TG
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 EVO Plus
  • PSU
    CORSAIR 550W TXm Series Semi-Modular 80+ Gold
  • Display(s)
    Dell U2412M
  • Cooling
    Corsair H60 2018 Hydro Series
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Strafe RGB - MX Clear
  • Mouse
    Corsair Glaive RGB
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. I got my pc custom made but I find it a tad louder than my old one which I replaced with noctua fans. Even using asus fan xpert doesn't really make them any quieter. These are all the fans I got in the current build: - Fractal design Dynamic X2 GP-14 PWM x3 - 2 in front, and one at ceiling - Corsair H60i AIO with fan that came with it - ASUS TUF X570-PLUS GAMING which has a baby fan for the chipset - Gainward 1660ti gpu Would anyone know who or what would be the loudest? If it's the FD fans, I can replace them with the old noctuas and save money.
  2. So I got a new PC and I put in my PS4 controller into a USB port (Accident) before installing the drivers and it didn't like that. I then put it into another port next to it and it worked. But now I can't use that other port again with the PS4 controller. Is there a way to get it to work? is this a Device manager thing?
  3. i5-6600K 970GTX 8GB RAM Not a bad gaming machine for a work PC
  4. I did my research and the 1660ti is more than what I need. I was just asking which method is better to use for streaming. The new 16 series all have a new NVENC engine as it's an option in OBS now. I ask because the hype behind ryzen being able to stream using the CPU with no lag or quality drop.
  5. Hi guys, Just got a new PC and was wondering what is better to use to stream with OBS? - Ryzen 3600X - If this then what profile is best? - nVidia 1660Ti - If this then what profile is best? With my old rig I relied on the GPU (970GTX) to do the donkey work. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'll wait for the iPhone with 5G, USB-C and the underscreen finger print scanner.
  7. So I'm hearing that PC games don't take advantage of the fast speeds an NVMe drive can provide, instead relugated to OS and programs/apps usage. A normal SSD is usually more than enough. How comes?
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'll stick to this monitor resolution then. I'm not too fussed about pretty graphics, I'm the type to lower settings for 60fps anyday.
  9. Currently got a new PC: Ryzen 3600X 16gb 3600Mhz RAM 1660ti GPU I'm current using a 16:10 monitor that is 1920x1200. Will the 1660ti work harder at that resolution or at 1440p (2k)? or will it be fine? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for your help! I think I've settled on this: - WD Blue 1TB SSD SATA 3 unless the Samsung 860 EVO SSD SATA3 is also good?
  11. This hurts my brain, I think I'll just get a regular 2.5" SSD in 1TB form lol This ok? - Samsung 860 QVO 1TB
  12. So in short, SATA will still do around 500MB/s and NVMe will do the 3000 MB/s speeds? Guess I have to look around for NVMe then?
  13. Hi guys, I'm new here, I recently got my self a new custom PC (See specs in profile). I got the 970 EVO for the OS and programs and whilst I could just put my old gaming SSD from my old PC into the new one, I thought why not see if I can get another M.2 instead? I'm not looking for the highest speed, more bang for buck and reliability. I'm currently eyeing up the following: - WD Blue 3D NAND SSD M.2 SATA - 1 TB - Crucial MX500 - 1TB - Samsung 860 EVO M.2 - 1TB I'm very new to m.2 as my old PC was 8yrs old with SATA2 as it's fastest port :P. My new mobo supposedly supports 2x m.2 drives (Possibly 3?) but in the pictures to the above mentioned drives, the pins on the end look different. Will they all work or do I need to match the current 970 drive type? Thanks in advance for any help