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  1. Thanks for all the help but sorry I just meant the 4 slot wide Ali bridge
  2. I don't have it yet. No I just wanted a few questions answered please as I want a futureproof board that I can run 4 slot sli on. I was looking into the manual and read something about the pcie slots that concerned me and wanted to check it. That's just an overview of motherboard but on the other image it says that the 2nd pice 16x is 8x. Well I didn't even though that existed. I just want to know if I can get full performance out of both cards in 4 slot sli. This may be 2 2080ti s. I have a nice catch. I want to run 2 m2 ssds as well. I will leave a link or pdf of the guide because I cant make sense of all of the numbers too well. Thanks for any help. E7C35v1.1.pdf
  3. jeez ok £100 for 1 cable. ok right there the ones with expendable money
  4. So I have the cables that come with the psu and was wondering where everyone gets these nice cables from. you know the ones that are custom length and don't have like 4 connectors on the cable. like these on the 2080 and the other picture which I similar to mine but mines black. Juat wondering because I want my setup to look nice and I cant find an answer anywhere apart from cable mod which are like £40 for one thanks
  5. Yes thank you this has answered my question, dunno why I put at g. I also assume adaptive sync is just another name for it. Thanks for your help!
  6. Thank you Would this mean that the VG27AG is freesync compatible though
  7. I've often overlooked monitors until recently because mine started tearing and it's only 60hz. So, I looked into it and its very confusing. I want freesync and a high refresh rate at 2k for futureproofing and was wandering this. If a monitor has g sync does it support free sync. Also what is this adaptive sync thing. I ask because I was looking at these two monitors. https://www.asus.com/uk/Monitors/TUF-GAMING-VG32VQ/ https://www.asus.com/uk/Monitors/TUF-Gaming-VG27AQ/ The 27 I prefer and I already know I want this series but I am up to suggestions. It has g sync and would that work the 5700xt I am getting. the 32 has freesync but my past experience with that shows that it is ineffective. (I was getting like 45fps on my 60hz monitor on squad max graphics and it was tearing?). The 32 is cheaper but has a lower refresh rate and no g sync If I go Nvidia for graphics. So anyway, please can somebody explain this to me I am quite confused on this one. Literally any help because you know that google always has nothing for your specific questions. at least me. thanks.
  8. I'm not that know all about monitors and wanted to know why this was happening and what to do. Any help please I can't find an answer anywhere. So I have a 60hz monitor at 2560x 1440 and a RX 580 OC (which I am looking to upgrade to the Radeon 5700 XT btw) on games such as Squad and Hell Let Loose get 45-55fps. However sometimes I get tearing in my screen and wondered if this was due to freesync (o enhanced sync which I have on as well but I have no idea what that does). It does its job very well over my refresh rate in stuff like War Thunder and CS:GO and I never experience tearing. Is this something that happens with freesync or do I have some sort of issue. Thank you for any replies btw. Also, if I can't fix it I may just get the new ASUS VG27AQ or BQ, I don't know If I want Ips or Tn.