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  1. Remember when it comes to over clocking you may end up losing performance due to instabilities.
  2. Let me put my original argument simply: If a machine can be built to perform just as well at COMPLETING A GIVEN TASK for a far cheaper price, then this pc is overpriced. The argument that it has so much ram is kind of moot. If you can't use that much ram, then apple is overcharging you just to put it in there in the first place.
  3. Again being pro is not an excuse for being ridiculously over priced. If it can be sourced on the open market AND put together by a professional for FAR cheaper, it's over priced.
  4. I only want the air to pass through the exhaust with the cpu radiator, GPU exhaust, and the PSU.
  5. It seems to be working for now, thanks to all!
  6. Perfect! Thanks. Can i expect it to work as if it was at a bios level, or do you get what you get?
  7. No error as i got through for some reason. Just want to know if this will get me what I want or not.
  8. Didn't show up, even in task manager.
  9. In storage space, is this the same as a raid 0(will this give me the extra speed of raid 0), or is it just pooling the resources in any other fasion? BTW, only JUST got this far in "windows storage space".
  10. Gigabyte B350 OM-DS3H Pretty sure the hdd are from Toshiba.
  11. It doesn't disappoint, but I am no expert. This is one of my best. Shot on Galaxy S9.
  12. Thrown out a while ago. But i did follow all on screen instructions, im just sure im missing something. I also tried using windows storage spaces, but just kept giving me an error telling me to check my connections (i did)
  13. Hi. My pc is low on storage as everything is currently on my nvme boot drive (240gb). So i got ahold of 2 identical hdd and want to run them in raid 0 for the extra speed (i think). My gigabyte b350 mobo. has some type of raid setup but every time I set it up, it won't show up in windows 10. What am i doing wrong, or what should I do?
  14. Im going to use this line whenever I can "Get an asus".