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  1. Update. I used same Intel fan from another pc and The pc works now. For how long i dont know. So The issue was The fan
  2. Wich would you recomended that cost that?
  3. Yep. Think i need to buy new one. Just notice these White thing next to The Black pin is bent
  4. I did have some problem with setting it in place. I did remove The CPU fan and I think 2 or 1 was loose tho. And I dont think there is time tbh it shuts off like after 10 seconds. But i Will try to check that its completly in and try again
  5. Its just a basic Intel fan. And yes all fans does spin. Havent had any issue intill now
  6. I HOPE this is right place to post this. SO i was cleaning my pc and i tought i May just change thermal paste while i do it so. I remove The old paste and put on some new and put back The fan. But now that i plug everything back in, The pc just keeps shutting down and turn on after 10 seconds. Is The fan loose bubbles from The paste? I didnt put much and I made sure to spread a thin layer. Would apprecite any help
  7. So i just for the first time viewed my MSI motherboard BIOS. A ms-7673. And i was gonna check it out for something info and notice some tabs, Normal,eco and OC. So i checked abit on the oc tab and i think it said it overclock it all automatic? Not sure but thats what i am wondering. If it does overclock everything and i have no use of the msi afterburner anymore.