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  1. Try removing all the power cable and plugging them back in (without having them being hidden behind the motherboard tray). Also make sure to remove all cable extensions which could be causing a fault. I just had some major issue due to a faulty extension (although it wasn't a new build).
  2. Cruiseshipfan

    Windows Freezing

    Ok so at least one issue has been solved. I can now start the computer. Turns out an extension cable for the cpu power cable was faulty (it was no longer needed since the case has been replaced (although over a year ago now) so I could easily take it out. Hopefully thathe fixes the freezing as well. Testing it out now so fingers crossed.
  3. Cruiseshipfan

    Windows Freezing

    Ok now I cannot even get it to post. With either GPU and no matter how many times it is turned off and on. I have completely removed all drives and still nothing.
  4. Cruiseshipfan

    Windows Freezing

    I just gave this a shot (switched another 7970 in) and the same issue occurred. Last night I tested my card to at least locate the issues location and it started up. So I put the original one back in there and it too started up, this is how I discover the way to get it to start back up. Anyway when I did a big test wih my GPU it once again froze then when I pressed the restart button it again got stuck in the lihts and fans on but no display state. Even the power and restart button fail to operate. The only way to to cut power.
  5. Cruiseshipfan

    Windows Freezing

    Ok so I updated my girlfriends comouter to windows 10 and now it is freezing. There doesn't seem to be anything tied to the freezing as it can happen at any time. We have tried updating the graphics driver (AMD 7970) though it was crashing right at the end of the install and when attempting to install again it would say driver is already installed. Now the issue is worse as when we press the restart button it will not post, the fans and lights are on but the graphics card does not seem to start up (no fans and no indication on the screens). The only way to get it to boot is the turn the power off and wait for the capacitors to drain.
  6. Cruiseshipfan

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    I really want to check out that mouse. Looks so comfortable.
  7. Cruiseshipfan

    Is Android terrible or is it just me?

    As has been said several times, the google search bar allows you to get search for apps. Just add it to the home screen.
  8. Cruiseshipfan

    help with c++ lab please

    You would get an input until the user inputs a correct input. //Print instructionwhile(/*Not y or n*/){ //Get char input} To get it to enter new value you would put the whole program in a loop that loops while the input is not 'y'. NOTE: Make sure when you are checking the input that you are doing so correctly. If you are inputting a string you will need to do a string compare, as the C comparison operators do not work on strings, since they are actually pointers and you will be comparing the addresses rather then the strings.
  9. Cruiseshipfan

    help with c++ lab please

    Ok I know your issue. do{ cout << "\nWhat is the cost of the book? $"; cin >> Cost; }while(Cost<0); cout <<"Invalid entry must be greater than 0. "; You are looping while the value is correct. You should have it loop while it is incorrect and have the error statement in an if. So when ever the input value is correct you are causing it to go back to the top of the loop, but when you input the incorrect value it is leaving the loop. So reverse the conditions and add an if. As for it starting on the same line. You need to tell it to go to the next line in the error message. For example do{ //GET INFORMATION if (cost < 2) { cout << "Value is too small\n"; }} while(cost < 2)
  10. Cruiseshipfan

    C# receive socket

    Ah thank you. Those links are very helpful. Hopefully everything goes to plan.
  11. Cruiseshipfan

    C# receive socket

    I have a project where I need to send data from a raspberry pi to a PC so I can use unity to display a HUD on the oculus rift though unity. I have written the server code on the Pi using C and successfully sending the data to the PC. However I am not familiar with C# and don't know what library's exist to receive sockets. So I was wondering if someone could help me out a little. Below is the code I have for the client, I just need to figure out how I can write that in C#. #include <stdio.h>#include <string.h>#include <sys/types.h>#include <sys/socket.h>#include <netinet/in.h>#include <arpa/inet.h>#include <netdb.h>#define SERVERIP "" //IP address of the server.#define PORT 53123 //Port used for connection.int main () { short sensors[8]; //data[0] contains the received position value. int dataSocket, //The socket to receive value. i; sa.sin_family = AF_INET; //Port value to use. sa.sin_port = htons(PORT); //IP address of the server. sa.sin_addr.s_addr = inet_addr(SERVERIP); memset(sa.sin_zero, '\0', sizeof(sa.sin_zero)); //Set up socket. dataSocket = socket(PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0); if (dataSocket == -1) { printf("Could not create socket!\n"); } //Locate and connect to server. printf("Connecting to server. Please wait.\n"); while (connect(dataSocket, (struct sockaddr*)&sa, sizeof(sa)) == -1) { } printf("Successfully connected to server.\n"); while(1) { recv(dataSocket, sensors, sizeof(short)*8, 0); // DO STUFF WITH DATA. } return 0;}
  12. Cruiseshipfan

    Blue screen then unable to see bios

    Looks like my H60 dyed. Replaced with stock cooler and running fine at the moment.
  13. Cruiseshipfan

    Blue screen then unable to see bios

    Are you referring to resetting the CMOS? If so I have tried that but it is still happening.
  14. Cruiseshipfan

    Blue screen then unable to see bios

    So today I was using my desktop for around 20 minutes when I suddenly got a blue screen and the computer went to restart. However after it turned off it did not turn back on. Whenever I pressed the power button it would spin for around 3-5 seconds then stop booting. After several attempts in finally boots, but only lasts a few minutes before the blue screen reappears and the whole process repeats. EDIT: It should also be noted that just before the blue screen occurs the whole computer slows right down so nothing loads. But before those final moments the computer runs smoothly. It would be nice to know if either my CPU or Motherboard is dying as the warranty ends very very soon.
  15. Cruiseshipfan

    how to solve the western US water crisis

    http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-australia-can-teach-the-world-about-surviving-drought/ Australia has until recently been in a drought which has affected the majority of our population for over a decade. The main two solutions we developed were pipelines and strong laws controling the use of water (which are only starting to be lifted now in some areas). We did have a bunch of plans to build desalination plants but by the time there were ready the were no longer needed. As the above article points out a $6 Billion desalination plant was built in Melbourne and has never been used. We had many more plants planned, and some even had ground work started, but they were canceled.