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  1. Thanks for posting. Even if it barely improves cooling I think I will buy one more white 140mm fan to stick in the back, as now that my CPU fan keeps turning off I realise the pre-installed ones in the case are actually a bit louder than I thought. Ideally I'd like to make this cooler work so I'll continue to try and tweak the noise/speed.
  2. Thanks. I originally tried to go for something sort of like your first graph but I think I've kinda botched it, lol.According to Ryzen Master my temperatures keep fluctuating even when idle, is that normal? Because of the fan curve I've set it means my fan keeps turning on and off just while browsing (quick vid), will probably change that in a minute. Doesn't feel right. But with the previous curve I tried before this, it would be generally pretty quiet, then suddenly whoosh, it's loud for a few seconds, then back to quiet again, etc etc. I was trying to make it just stay off or on a low speed until it gets to a around 60C or so, unless that's a bad idea. Current botched curve:
  3. @LogicalDrmSorry about the late reply, but thanks for posting. Is this what you meant about moving it to 75C? Hasn't made a difference in noise so far, not sure whether to move the others forward or back or what. Honestly haven't got a clue about any of this, and don't want to just move stuff around when I don't really know what I'm doing.
  4. I have these pics too, if it helps. (The RAM is running at 3200MHz now)
  5. Oh, OK. To be honest the only reason why I'd even thought about this was because someone on another forum recommended I get some exhaust fans, as it would apparently "create a hotbox" otherwise. It's the noise that bothers me the most though, really. I'm surprised this is apparently normal as I know other people with Ryzens that stay pretty quiet outside of gaming. During games it can get as loud as it wants, I don't mind, but I'm not sure why it's whooshing around as I scroll through Twitter. Temps with barely anything running: Temps with MSI Kombustor running: Temps after running Doom for about ten minutes (1440p/144fps):
  6. Hi all, Recently got my first PC. I'm pretty sure my temperatures are fine but I'd like to squeeze as much airflow as I can out of this system, just to be safe. I understand my case isn't particularly great for that, but I want to do as much as I can anyway. (Also my Ryzen 3700x is surprisingly loud as hell even when just browsing the web, would this help with that at all or no?) I was about to buy two more of the BitFenix fans I already have, but maybe just one would be better for positive pressure or... something? Not sure, very new to all this. I'm intimidated just knowing I'll have to install the fans myself (I had someone build this for me). Thanks in advance. Specs: NZXT H500 Mid Tower Gaming CaseAMD Ryzen 7 3700X (stock cooler)Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x 8GB) 3200MHzCorsair TX650M 650W Modular 80+ Gold PSUAdata XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB M.2-2280 NVMe PCIe SSDCrucial MX500 1TB 2.5" SATA III SSDSeagate BarraCuda 2TB SATA III 3.5" HDDx2 BitFenix Spectre PWM 140mm Fan - White (front intake)Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING OC 8GBGigabyte B450 AORUS PRO (non-Wifi) Motherboard System pics:
  7. Hey, I used DDU to reinstall the drivers and... surprisingly, it's been fine ever since. Been a few hours now. I'm a bit paranoid as to whether it's completely fixed, but so far I've launched Sekiro about five or six times, let it run for 60+ minutes with the DP cable and experienced no problems. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I wanted to uninstall the drivers but didn't know what software to use. Is that really it, though? Visual glitches with a bad driver I can understand, but are they actually capable of making your PC restart randomly?
  8. I have "3 year collect and return warranty", so I don't think replacing it will be a problem. They just need to have it in stock, which is... not common at the moment. I was surprised they even got it when I purchased it. They updated the bios before it was sent out to me. Pretty sure it's on version F41. I'll try those steps shortly, thank you. Haven't overclocked anything, though.
  9. I'm pretty sure it hasn't done that, no. I got it along with everything else yesterday. I bought the GPU in late August.
  10. Hm, OK. At first I thought it might be the DP cable, but a bad cable isn't really capable of randomly restarting your PC, is it?
  11. Hi all, Just got my first (desktop) PC, chose all the parts and it was built for me before being sent out. Aaaaaand ever since I've got it I've basically been troubleshooting, because there's been a vast array of weird problems. Mostly with games. So first, I try Doom and Spyro, and both freeze and lock up the PC in no more than ten minutes (while using a DisplayPort cable). Then later on, I try Spyro again, and suddenly everything's looking a hell of a lot darker than usual. Screens: https://i.ibb.co/mC014LL/20190905224948-1.jpg https://i.ibb.co/2vM02Y3/20190905224950-1.jpg Then after THAT, I launch Sekiro, and somehow my screen looks like this. https://i.ibb.co/vQ4GZPG/20190905-225316.jpg Somehow I get out of that, can't remember how, but then I discover that turning HDR on in the game makes the screen look like this (without it it's fine). https://i.ibb.co/b22F06r/20190905-225605.jpg So I take the DisplayPort out and try playing with the HDMI, which went fine for 20 minutes or so. Then, with the game closed, I put the DisplayPort back in and it starts displaying my screen at 480p. Then I take it out, put it back in again after a few minutes and suddenly it's fine. THEN I go back to Spyro with the DP, all is fine for about 40 minutes. After that, I launch Sekiro... and my PC restarts. So yeah, have barely had this machine for 24 hours and I'm already at a complete loss. Specs: NZXT H500 Mid Tower Gaming Case AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x 8GB) 3200MHz Corsair TX650M 650W Modular 80+ Gold PSU Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB M.2-2280 NVMe PCIe SSD Crucial MX500 1TB 2.5" SATA III SSD Seagate BarraCuda 2TB SATA III 3.5" HDD x2 BitFenix Spectre PWM 140mm Fan - White Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER GAMING OC 8GB Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO (non-Wifi) Motherboard Other random issues that probably aren't related but I'll list them anyway just in case: Windows Store is completely screwed and doesn't launch, nothing I've looked up has helped. Related apps like Photos and Mail are the same. CPU cooler (stock) is surprisingly loud as hell. Even just during general browsing it sounds like it's preparing for liftoff (video). It's literally never quiet. Not sure if that's normal, but it sure is distracting. Various apps/files have told me I don't have the permission to view them, or something along those lines. I looked up some solutions and had no luck. I actually already reset the entire PC (kept my personal files but removed all apps/settings) because I was having issues with the taskbar - search bar, Windows button, volume button etc weren't working. That's fine now. I do have the latest drivers installed, and the problem definitely isn't the monitor as I used it for about a month with a laptop before the PC arrived. I did a bit more troubleshooting until the crack of dawn last night, and found that Sekiro is consistently effed with the DP cable unless I plug it out and put it back in - although, at one point I took it out and my PC restarted. HDMI seems fine. I also tried to download some apps from the disc that came with my motherboard a while ago and my PC randomly restarted in the middle of it. Only the HDMI was connected at this point. Gut feeling tells me my GPU is screwed, which would honestly be a huge pain as it's hard to get in stock at the moment. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all, So I've ordered a custom build with a Gigabyte 2070 Super Gaming, Ryzen 3700X and MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon board (the guys I've ordered from are building it for me as I don't trust myself to do it right now). They've just written to me to say it's gonna take longer for them to get the board than they expected, and I can change to one they already have in stock if I want. I was wondering if the B450 Aorus Pro (non-wifi) would be good enough for me? Most supposedly good X470s are a bit out of my price range. I do want to try overclocking my GPU a bit, no interest in overclocking the CPU though. Will be playing on a 144hz 1440p monitor. Apart from losing on-board wifi and Bluetooth, is there any reason why I shouldn't swap over? And if I did change, would this wifi adapter be good enough? Pretty new to all this. Thanks in advance.