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  1. i know its not the same temp for everyone but i need to know somehow what temperature people get with the stock cooler and what motherboard because i see people complain about high temperature over 80c
  2. For those who have these processors you can write the temp under load with stock cooler and what motherboard you have? thanks in advance
  3. thank you guys for answers. what do you mean when you say response time? there is VA monitors with 1ms. i'v heard that cheap VA panels can be less good than quality TN panel so how i can i tell which screen is better?
  4. i know va panel have better colors but what the disadvantages?
  5. oh realy i thought mosfet is power stage guess i need to learn more about phase. low side 4C06N 69A.
  6. from what i see gaming x power stages high side 46A, low side 69A and more phases. my question is whether it depends on the quality of the power stages or what?
  7. okay thanks. so from what i understand the vrm depends on quality(?) of the components and not just the number of phases.?
  8. lets say 4 phase with doublers (2×4) VS 4 phase with twice the number of components per phase
  9. its work like a doubler? i saw a video of hardware unboxed from the test he did its looks like this motherboard vrm better than 2×5/2×6 phase motherboards, why?
  10. i dont understand how much phase this motherboard have its looks like 8+4. from what i know there is no doubler. some sites says its have only 4+2 phase so how much phase this motherboard realy have?
  11. thanks but i think I'll go with nvidia for better optimization with adobe softwares.