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  1. i see the big difference is with the brightness you think this is minor?
  2. someone can help?
  3. what the difference between them except the size and G-Sync compatible?
  4. please someone can actually help and not just tell me to do something that doesnt help or unrelated and not answer again.
  5. i sent the GPU to the shop and they replaced him. after they replaced him the screen froze again (while in game) like with the first GPU but this time the GPU didnt die. i can try with one memory everytime but i belive the perfomance will be worse with only one ram.? CrystalDiskMark- https://imgur.com/a/afS0YWL its okay if i see in device manager 2 SATA AHCI controllers if i have only 1 ssd?
  6. someone know what could be the problem? or atleast why the GPU clock so high (even in afterburner)?
  7. i dont have another drive and its not the only problem so if i buy new one its not gonna fix the problems.
  8. i cant find any software. right now i played game and had new problem: the mouse moved slowley down and game crashed
  9. no overclock. how i run diagnostic test for my ssd? i tried reinstall windows few times but nothing.
  10. PC Specs: CPU-Ryzen 1600 (stock), MOBO-Gigabyte b450m s2h, RAM-16GB(8GX2) corsair vengeance lpx 3200 cl16, GPU-Palit GTX1660 StormX OC, PSU-Gigabyte p650b, SSD-LiteON S920. Windows 10 64bit, BIOS F50. hello i have few problems with my PC i bought half year ago. my GPU freezed while playing and died, after 2-3 months so i replaced him but its happend again (this time the GPU survive) after few days/weeks. since then my pc feel slower, games crash, lags, fps drop and now i suffer from 100% disk problem (in task manager its show all use 0 MB disk) this happen in every game or even in Windows. i want to know if the info in HWiNFO is okay https://imgur.com/a/hcgpUNU one thing i dont understand is why its show max GPU clock 1950MHz if the boost clock of this GPU is 1830MHz. i dont have much softwares or games and i download only from safe and known sources. i hope you can understand my poor English and thanks in advance.
  11. the stealth in the 3000 series different from 2000 series? im not sure if the box cooler good enough or too much noisy and i gonna need to change it anyway.
  12. z370m ds3h good enough for this cpu to work in max boost mode (not overclock)?
  13. fan size, fan type, fan rpm, noise (dBA), airflow (CFM) ,tdp.
  14. thanks, i saw this but no specification of this coolers.
  15. ryzen 5 3600 - what cooler he have and what specification? ryzen 7 3700x - what cooler he have and what the specification? i couldn't find enough infromation about their stock coolers.