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  1. A fan has tied with Noctua and now a company wants to make that fan
  2. And now it looks like a company wants to make the leading fan design
  3. In Australia they are out of stock and the 3090 is price at around $3000 AUD . nvidia GPU the new iPhone?
  4. Ok drives are now free, now the new storemi uses StoreMI Bottom Device Storage Controller instead of AMD Virtualized AHCI controller for Ryzen 400 series (if using the 400 series motherboard). "The AMD StoreMI 2.x installation adds Storage Controllers seen under the Windows Device Manager. You can expect to see a “StoreMI Bottom Device” and “StoreMI Controller [storport]” for each installed hard disk and SSD storage device. Do not delete or modify these storage controllers. Each will be deleted if StoreMI is uninstalled and after rebooting." however the installer is not installing the new Controller driver, if you set the AHCI controller to AMD Virtualized AHCI controller for Ryzen 400 series then if prompts you to first uninstall the old store mi if you set it to standard SATA AHCI Controller it prompts "storemı is unable to Support this motherboard's SATA Source HDD and SATA cache and SSD attachment. Using an NVMe SSD for the cache is supported" So guess i need to workout how to install this StoreMI Bottom Device and StoreMI Controller [storport] ? Have post a support question https://community.amd.com/message/2995078 lets see how that goes
  5. Maybe even a ram drive could be used, though SSDs or m.2s would be a cheaper and easier option.
  6. Hi, I am trying to upgrade to Storemi to 2.0. Fast drive SSD data HDD So you cannot just upgrade to 2.0 you have to remove the old version first. So i have removed the Fast media drive using storemi which converts the tier HDD into Single mode. Now the HDD is still a virtual drive, from what I have read I have to copy all data off the HDD and then delete the tier which will remove the virtual drive then copy over the data again. Then i can uninstall Storemi and then be able to install Storemi 2. Has anyone else gone through this? am i doing it right?
  7. In australia on gumtree the 2080ti price is all over the place ranging from $700 to $2000 AUD. People are still trying to sell the 1080TI for $600 to $1000 AUD
  8. Is this like ASUS AI Overclocking? I wonder how it compares.
  9. Well looks like the bar has started off quite low
  10. Anyone else see the new series from Major Hardware called Fan Show Down? Would be cool to see how well linus, gamers nexus, JayzTwoCents and other tech youtubers rank on the leaderboard.
  11. maybe QoS3 "Secure Caching in HTTPS Based on Fine-Grained Trust Delegation" Will help in the future https://www.hindawi.com/journals/scn/2019/3107543/#conclusion-and-future-work