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  1. Stop. Please stop. As much as I agree that a monopoly is bad for the consumer i'm sick of having 3000 different platforms that i own games on. Now i need a nice piece of software that allows me to log into all my game platforms, and manages and installes/downloads them in one ui.
  2. Brainless906

    Reddit says hacker breached system 2 months ago

    From what i read the hack happened in 2018 only, and the only mention of 2007 was the data they got into were backups that were dated 07 and older. This is the only mention of timeframe, and presumably this is june 14-18 of 2018.
  3. A lot of work for something that will explode with popularity and die off fairly quickly once the rose tint wears off. To each their own i guess.
  4. Lol, a hitpiece if there ever was one.
  5. Brainless906

    Humble Bundle - Vegas Pro Creative Freedom

    Its been noted that Vegas is less complex and advance then Premier but i think it should be noted that Vegas is no windows movie maker either. It is still extremely powerful, even if much simpler than Premier. There are a few fairly big youtubers that use vegas (idubbz and demoltiond+ off the top of my head), it is an extremely capable editing software.
  6. Brainless906

    PUBG struggles to hit 30 fps on console release (lol)

    This console thing is stupid i'll agree. these kind of games are a massive undertaking to run and have no place on a console. Try running arma 3 on a console and see how it goes. but it runs perfectly fine on pc (though it could always be better) and the gameplay is fun. the cool thing to do all over the internet (and all over this thread) is to say the game is and always has been shit and "idk why anyone plays it" People play it because its a fun game. Stop being so goddamn contrarian.
  7. Brainless906

    PUBG struggles to hit 30 fps on console release (lol)

    ITT: people hating PUBG just to hate PUBG. Its a fun game. Get over it. Jesus.
  8. what, you dont play every game you buy for 912.5 hours a year? what are you a casual?
  9. lol. 2.5 hours for 365 days (a full year) is 912.5h of gameplay. Whats the last game you bought that had 912.5h of gameplay in it. This is the stupidest thing i've ever read. "business guy thinks you pay to little for products" shocking.
  10. Brainless906

    Official Legacy Servers for World of Warcarft are Coming!

    I did play it and as i say i think you're talking straight through your rose tinted classes son. As preach once pointed out most vanilla raids were essentially designed for 20 decent players and 20 or so usless boobs tagging along. I do agree that a lot of the social aspects of the game have been smashed a bit, but i would also argue that bringing back vanilla wont change that for shit. Hundreds of thousands is also a massive overstatement as one of the biggest vanilla servers (nostalrius) typically had 3000-8000 players on any given day. Sure it was a bit of a niche product when non official but turning 8000 to hundreds of thousands is a bit of a stretch if you ask me. If people have fun with it, fine. I'm not here to say what you are and are not allowed to have fun with. I'm just pointing out that I personally (though i had tons of fun with it at its release) think vanilla wow stands up extremely poorly when compared to its modern counterpart and will not stay popular long. I once again state that i think this will be really big right of the bat and die down almost instantly. Here are some fun videos done by somebody with much more wow experience than anyone on this forum (myself included) As he notes it is hard to see some things without rose tinted lenses but honestly its kind of a shit show.
  11. Brainless906

    Official Legacy Servers for World of Warcarft are Coming!

    I love the comments saying Vanilla WoW was hard and the difficulty has been nerfed. What a massive load of horseshit. Every boss across the first three raids mechanics combined have less "mechanics" to them than some single bosses in modern content. Most classes only had a single viable spec and that spec usually consisted of hitting a single spell over and over again to do the best dps or healing. This will die quickly as people realize that vanilla WOW doesnt hold up nearly as well as they think it will. EDIT: oops, i've hit lvl 58 and done every quest in the game, somebody come help me grind for 2 levels
  12. Brainless906

    Blizzard to Officially revive Classic Vanilla WOW

    It will spike to half a million players at launch and within a year be below 100k players when most realize that as rose tinted as our glasses are Classic WoW (though good for its time) is a horribly boring grind fest.
  13. Oh because thats totally stopped them before /s
  14. Hooray Edge! on a scale of 1 to notgoingtouseedgestill i'm gonna go with notgoingtouseedgestill though.
  15. Brainless906

    HP Builds A Beast Of A Tablet!

    Tablets like these are cool but i've always seen them as a "do you want to pay a lot more than a laptop for a laptop that pretends to be a tablet with a shittier keyboard for the sake of it being slightly smaller?" kind of thing. More power to the folks that like them but they've always seems like a pretty sizable trade off just for the sake of calling itself a "tablet"