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  1. Sounds like a plan! Thank you!
  2. They are just for Raspberry Pi's Seti@home fun stuff. Nothing big
  3. I have the Netgear Nighthawk X4S modem/router. It has 4 ports but trying to save 2 ports for more serious work. This just a Raspberry Pi project. Fun and games lol
  4. I have Netgear X4S modem/router. Pretty much doing it this way for looks. They are only going to be connected to Raspberry Pi 3 B+'s so no serious weight thrown around. Just a cool looking wild project with led lighted rack and running Seti@home.
  5. Ok pretty sure of the answer but thought I would check before I screw something up. My setup will be daisy chaining 4 POE switches in this order. 1st switch will be connected to router and POE switch 2, 2nd switch will be connected to POE switch 1 and POE switch 3, POE switch 3 will be connected to POE switch 2 and 4, and POE switch 4 will be connected to POE switch 3 and ran back to router. So both switch 1 and 4 will be direct connect to router. All 4 switches are 16 port POE. https://www.netgear.com/business/products/switches/unmanaged/GS116PP.aspx Thoughts? Thanks
  6. Yep completely untouched besides opening the box to eye my prize lol. Zero discoloration and absolute perfection. Guy i got it from bought it new for his kid back in the day and his kid too zero interest in it when he showed it to him so he just stored it. All discs still sealed and everything. I think i am the first to take it out of the plastic lol. I'll get pics this weekend
  7. Thank you! Yeah as long as the world can see the websites that all I need. They don't have to work together at all. The switch will be plugged into my router.
  8. I have a brand new Commodore 64 everything still sealed. I'll get pics when i get it out.
  9. Ok been trying for a week to get this question answered but either places I ask can't or won't answer or what I look up still didn't answer the question. I am new to switches so here is my run down. I will be running 15 Raspberry Pi 3 B+'s for dedicated website hosting. I will be powering them by POE. All 15 Pi's will be set outside my firewall. What switch will work for my intended use? Thank you