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  1. Ok, so I made a discord server > https://discord.gg/StKQFZN < If anyone wants to make a new one or has better knowledge in discord stuff, go ahead.
  2. I was thinking of something, maybe we should make a discord server to easily talk about this, share infomation or compare how games look like between us. I'm kinda curious how some games look for someone else that's "infected" as I am. Post screenshots or stuff, I don't know, just saying. For example I streamed some games for a few friends and they noticed the games look bad, I was thinking maybe I can stream some stuff for the non-believers.
  3. What are you saying there, that dx11 is the one to blame for our issues? I played the same games that I have at one of my friends, they look crisp as f**k. I even went the other day to fix some google chrome stuff for one of my neighbours and I saw his kids have some games, I booted Fortnite and it looks great, even though I hate the game. Funny, I asked someone to bring his rig or console at my place and they refused, saying that they don't wanna get their devices "infected"
  4. Well, that was disappointing. I charged the Switch somewhere else and nothing changed, graphics look the same as in my previous post. F**k it all to hell, i'm done...
  5. Since I already went with my PS4 to another part of the city and it looked normal, I am expecting the same result with the Switch as well. But I refuse to accept that the solution is to just move away. The first post I did regarding Zelda was more of a "hey guys look at this", to prove that its not only a PC problem (in my case at least). Out of curiosity I charged my PS Vita that I didn't use for half a year to see how the games look, what a shocker, it was also affected like all the other consoles. Sure, to get this electricity thing out of the way once and for all, I will completely dry the consoles of power and then charge them in another... far away place. Will let you know in the following days.
  6. Well, I'm still waiting for a reply from the non believers to the post I did regarding Zelda. Nothing? Good. Sit down...
  7. I checked that, it gives the right amount in my house, maybe sometimes a tiny bit lower, but the expert said it should't affect how devices work. You should read more about this a bunch of pages back on this thread. It could be something related to EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (Radio frequency interference), there are multiple things that can affect electricity. Who knows, maybe sorcery is involved (...kill me).
  8. Nope. I don't see how that can fix my other devices, there is no hope....no hope at all...
  9. Well, let's see how the game looks for others in these screenshots. Yup, look at all these jagged edges, damn... Link to some gameplay from my switch > My console . Link to some gameplay from some dude on youtube > Some dude's console . Now I am expecting a "But you see..." or "Yeah but you need to..." . I can also ask a friend from Germany who can record some gameplay or screenshots from his switch.
  10. Not only that, the textures look kinda bad also there is something wrong with the global illumination and other stuff. Its not only in this game, I also have it in other games, for example Blazblue or Dragons Dogma.
  11. My Nintendo Switch also got "infected". Take a look at these screenshots. Please don't tell me I have to reinstall windows or something
  12. @Lonilele Regarding The Witcher 3, yes, it looks the same on my pc. So frustrating I see everyone playing the game after watching the show on Netflix, and I cannot do that. As a wise man(Geralt) once said... "Fuck".
  13. @LilStormi It has to be something related to it. After I gave up searching for answers I thought maybe I should try to see if it is electricity related so I took my PS4 to my aunt who lives in another part of the city and boom, the PS4 looks exactly as it should. Her home gets electricity from a different power plant..company..thing.. I'm dead fixed on this, nothing can change my mind. P.S. So that people don't think I'm crazy, I invited 3 friends that own a PS4 and all agreed that it looks bad in my home (they also live in another part of the city). Also tested on 4 TVs in the house. Now I must see what to do with this....information... Anyway, just thought I should share this. Now I know, it may not be a fix for everyone but it helped me. I'll get to the bottom of this, sooner or ...sooner I hope.
  14. Hello, a while back I said I would make a thread regarding my issue, decided that it would be a waste, even an IT guy couldn't help me, told me to try another monitor (again?; I changed 5 already). So, not sure what anyone can tell me to try that I didn't already. Its over for me, I'm dead inside...I hope you guys can find a solution to this one day. Signing off, RIP me...x_X