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  1. Sorry I couldn't reply and say thanks before now, but I was hospitalized for few days; my rigs are sadly more reliable than my heart. Gorgon: I thought about what you said about the rackmounts and looked at some specs, but I didn't see anything that matched what I want to do. I'm thinking about approaching RIT and offering a prize for a case design to maximize cooling for a minimalist hardware approach that can be DIY. Also, after watching Linus' ATX video I sent an email to the IEEE's computer society suggesting they look at that standard to see if it's really the most efficient design for thermals after almost 25 years. They'll probably ignore it, but who knows? Maybe they need another excuse to throw a conference.
  2. So, say I wanted to build a dedicated folding rig with multiple graphics cards. Call the starting price $1,500 -$2,000 with future expansion. I'm trying to figure out what the hardware should be to optimize folding but minimize cost. Any thoughts would be appreciated as I am new to this and don't really understand how the client uses the hardware yet. Thoughts thus far (and feel free to correct misconceptions.) Case: full tower lying on its side, panel replaced with mesh and a custom exhaust system on top. Rationale: not letting multiple graphics cards cook each other in a vertical configuration, but still with lots of room. Maybe even forego this for a simple DIY box. Mobo: multiple pcie 3 x16 slots, preferably four. CPU: overclockable with onboard graphics for the monitor, but maybe only 6-8 cores (one for up to four video cards, the rest to handle the scutwork of the OS.) CPU folding doesn't seem to be worth an investiture in lots of cores to fold with. Or would something like a 32 core Threadripper be worth it? Can you gang cores for workunits? (I know that blows the budget, but if so better to budget something different for 2021 than live with a mistake now.) Memory: does folding use much RAM? Maybe 8gb? Does speed matter? Storage: one 128gb SSD m.2 for the OS, another for the client. Or would RAMdrive work with F@H? Video cards: how many to cram into one case? Four, eventually? Here's where the big money will go. Are there still dedicated types like those miner cards Linus did a video about still being made? If so, useful for folding? Power: go large to start so I don't have to replace it later, maybe 1000-1200w?
  3. I had Windows and nVidia updates yesterday, and after I installed them it looks like I've lost like 15% of my ppd. I can't even do anything about it until this evening, either.
  4. Thank you! May I ask a question about passkeys? (Well, I will anyway.) I used the same key for both clients; it seemed sensible as the key was registered to my identity. But browsing the thread here I've seen people using more than one. Should I be doing that?
  5. Folding noob here. I installed the clients on both of my desktops yesterday and left for work. When I came home, my apartment was sitting at 97 degrees/36C, and the fans were screaming like souls being dragged off to Hell. I guess I see now why October is folding month, LOL.