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  1. No beeps no audio. But when i had the cpu connector plugged in the cpu fan wasnt spinning. But the rgb was on. Then i unplugged the cpu connector from the mobo and the cpu fan started spinning. Idk what is going on. Ive changed around the ram and everything and left one out buts its just not working
  2. This is what it does and im prett sure before i got the thermal paste all over the pins that orange light was still showing up
  3. My ryzen 3700x has had thermal paste accidentally splatered on the cpu pins. I have tried my best to clean most of it with isopropyl and a toothbrush but the base of the pins seemed to still have small small spots of grey. This wad thermal paste from the prism cooler pre installed. Im stressing out because thats $500+ aud down the drain and it would take me abit to get a new cpu. How can i fix this ive tried the options on google but its still slightly visable and idk if i will die from electric shock if i put it back in my pc.. .