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  1. Yeah, it'd be a novelty but a thing for sure
  2. So I had an idea earlier for a SI or influencer, A completely unique and custom PC. Custom case built from scratch on a CNC with a theme of each, like one focused on storage, or on cooling. Also Mac Pro level specs like 2x Vega 64/Quadro - 128 GB + Xeon W / Threadripper. What'd be unique about it is one is built every 1-4 weeks and auctioned off with a reserve. TLDR - handmade PC with high quality and attention to detail with pro specs auctioned off every 1-4 weeks. EDIT : Probably by a current SI like IBuyPower or something since they have the resources.
  3. Understandable. LTT aside, what do you think of the concept of doing a specialized theme built PC every few weeks and selling for a markup. Like Mac Pro level specs, with a custom built case and handbuilt system being auctioned by someone with an influence? It'd be the weirdest flex to say like "Oh yeah my PC was custom built from the ground up by BitWit" or something lmao
  4. Well with over 9 million subscribers (probably 3-4 million that pay attention actively) you do have an audience and a foot in the door. Especially with ties to Corsair and other SI's you could probably get some help. Yeah it does take a lot to break into an industry basically owned by like Dell, Apple, and HP but maybe like very few custom PCs. Like build once a week and auction on the merch store would let you get a lot of overhead on profit if you make it a special thing like that. Either way thank you for responding mr Linus i'm a huge fan you've helped me a lot to learn about computers and get me the experience I have.
  5. With the whole new workshop, and 30 employees, why not just become a System Integrator? They have the resources to make custom PCs with custom branding, and could probably charge a bit of a surplus. Maybe just make cases?
  6. https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04762953 Anyone know if that would be able to be hackintoshed? I know there are some drivers that might not port over. I'll be getting it in a few weeks from my dad and I plan to put an RX 580 into it in a few months and hackintosh it. (bonus points if I can hackintosh it as I get it with an R7 250 I have in my PC now)
  7. Fax is, the top of the line Pentium the Gold 5620 is almost the same as the 2 year old G4560 and is the reason Pentiums aren't cool again.
  8. I remember H110 really well because I used to put Pentium G4560s into every single PCPartPicker list I would make under like $400. Pentiums aren't cool anymore........ again.
  9. Sychic linked the board used in that, but with USB Type C. Really cool tho
  10. Wow, that's pretty cool. Idk why but that looks about the same size as the Asrock A320-MiniITX. But I do like that that board has m.2