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  1. Similar. More with a G4 Cube aesthetic
  2. I saw a post in r/macsetups of a G4 cube. I got to thinking it'd be cool to make a G4 Cube like ITX case and make a really really powerful G4 Cube look-alike hackintosh. Any ideas?
  3. garageband is the best DAW tho for most people. I'm recording a band this saturday with Garageband.
  4. that last part seems awfully boomer of you
  5. I'm sure 1440p wouldn't cut margins for most laptops to be "unprofitable". If a 6 year old I5 with IGPU can run a 1440p display i'm certain an I7 8750h can too.
  6. yeah, but when it comes to the screens especially it feels like it's taken way way too long for laptops to adopt a similarly good screen.
  7. a 2013 Macbook Pro is probably about $50-200 more than a comparable machine, from the same time. But for that you get a trackpad that feels like it's from this decade, a REALLY nice screen, good backlit keyboard and solid construction (and the included software that blows every other OS out there out of the water.
  8. The only games I even play are Fortnite and CSGO. A 2014 iMac with like a 290x wouldn't have trouble with either even in MacOSX. I like Windows, I grew up using windows and now at 16 is the first time i've ever used MacOS. And I can legitimately say I support Apple, because a 6 year old Late 2013 Macbook Pro is the best computer i've ever used, out of about 7 desktops and 3 or 4 laptops, it's the best in the hardware like the trackpad, screen, keyboard, and in software.
  9. Yeah but for modern workflows there isn't much to challenge Apple. Apple has iMovie, Final Cut, Garageband, Logic. Microsoft simply can't say the same. I've tried other products on Windows like Davinci Resolve and it was great, or Pro Tools first and it was garbage because it barely worked.
  10. I have a LOT more freedom using Garageband on my Macbook than I ever had in the way of free programs on my windows laptops. Garageband is a real heavy hitter DAW, and nothing like it is on Windows for free.
  11. Honestly EOLing a 7 year old machine isn't a bad thing. I have 1 person I know who only uses his 2012 for content creation because he just doesn't wanna upgrade yet. I have a retina model so it'll probably last another few years. But even EOLing a 2012 means it will get another 2 years of security (if i'm right) and DosDude1 Patcher can help older machines.
  12. Luckily I don't use USB ports that much <#. I have an iPhone 8, iPad Air 2, Macbook Pro so an iMac would fit right in for what I need it to do.
  13. The main PC i'm selling has a 2TB 7200 RPM drive, I don't really have the budget for an SSD before I sell it. My literal budget for EVERYTHING I'm selling is $25. I just spent $15 for a replacement PSU on an I3 build I'm trying to sell. (Fuck HP and their proprietary PSU shit)
  14. Again, I wouldn't leave out specifics....