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  1. I was using an usb stick
  2. Are there other media that can use?
  3. I have and old laptop I was upgrading it from Windows 8.1 to 10 then this error popped out I can't boot to the old install. I have formatted it.
  4. If you buy new at that price point you probably looking at a Ryzen 3200G If you go used you can go with 4th gen i5 and a RX570/580 (depends on where you live)
  5. Maybe there's a loose wire on your keyboard that shorted out
  6. Hi, about a couple of months ago I dropped my phone and the LCD cracked, the phone still turns on but there just no display. Now I have a new phone, but I need to move some data from my old phone Internal Storage. Is it possible to move data from the internal storage without enabling the share to USB thing?