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  1. Well I tried the sfc scan and it said Windows found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. I am running XMP profile 2 on 16gb of corsair vengenance lpx should I still remove the profile? What sort of performance effect will that have on my system?
  2. Sorry forgot to add, no issues that I can detect anyway. Everything runs smoothly enough. I mainly play Star Wars The Old Republic but that game is an unoptimized mess anyway that pushes my CPU (Ryzen 7 2700X) harder than anything else lol I might just delete that game as it causes me nothing but issues
  3. Hi, I got the following error when I hit the BSOD Stop Code : PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA I did a hard disk scan, memory diag, virus scan nothing popped up.
  4. Hi guys, Wondering if someone can shed some light on a situation for me. I was gaming earlier this evening and got a BSOD. When the system came back up I checked the event viewer to see this string of critiical events. Now my system is only 5 months old, full up to date on drivers and all sorts and this is the first time it has BSOD but according to that event log its faced this error MULTIPLE times. It most definately hasnt rebooted before so I am at a loss. I am currently going through the usual fixes I can think off but no luck. Can anyone explain this event and why I have only suffered one BSOD and zero reboots yet have a log this densly packed? Thanks
  5. Well I did intend on swapping it out for a Dark Rock Pro 4 in a few months. Seems like such a waste but the Wraith Prism looks good lol
  6. Well thats a relief lol I was worried because the CPU cooler keeps revving up and down even when I just have Chrome open and nothing more. I'll keep the temp monitor running while I do a bit of gaming and see what it looks like.
  7. Hi all, Just recently bought and installed a new Ryzen 7 2700X into my PC the specs of which are as follows; ASRock Steel Legend B450 Ryzen 7 2700X /w Stock Cooler Sapphire Nitro Rx590 8gb Corsair Vengence LPX 16gb on XMP @ 3200 Fractual Design Focus G Case 2 x 120MM Intake fans on front 1 x 120MM Exhaust fan at back So I'm quite new to all this and since this is the first good CPU I've bought I decided to try it on CINEBENCH R20 so see how it all went. I did it with Ryzen Master running to look at my CPU temps and saw that it peaked at 79 degrees celsius at the end of the test and I've been sat here looking at the idle temps which are jumping between 34 degrees and 42 degrees 30minutes after the test. Are these normal temps? I havent really paid attention to temps as I only had a Athlon 200G before so it wasnt ever an issue. But now I am worried I put the stock cooler on wrong maybe even though I was careful and clipped both retention clips in fine and felt the unit and it was tight and secure. Are those temps normal?
  8. Hey folks, So this is a strange one that I'm sure has an easy answer but I'm not savvy enough to find it so I thought I'd reach out here. I put together my own machine on a super budget. Started with an AMD Athlon 200g as I wanted to atleast turn the machine on before I could afford a gfx card. I got the new card then my system looked like this; ASRock Steel Legend b450 AMD Athlon 200g Sapphire Rx590 8g Nitro+ Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 16GB I have a new CPU in my Amazon basket I just dont have the funds right now to buy it. I have the Radeon Perfomance Software on my machine and had never really looked at it before. I mainly play MMO's and since the machine was built Ive been using it for WoW and FFXIV. I can play both on near ultra settings with isnt an achievement in the grand scheme but given the CPU its not bad. I then got nostalgic for Star Wars The Old Republic so I installed it and set everything to high as I assumed an 8year game wouldnt trouble me too much and here in lies the rub. I got jerky animations and choppy frame rates. For the first time really I looked at the Radeon overlay and saw FPS of around 30-40 so sadly I had to lower settings ,which was annoying cause FFXIV is a much more demanding game I can play fine at near ultra, but what struck me as odd was looking at the performance metrics that were running in the background and seeing my GPU frequently jump to 100% utilisation but my CPU never going above 60%. And this was spread out over hours of gaming, My limited understanding was that since the CPU is so awful it would be the bottleneck sweating out at 100% while the GPU just did what it needed with the slow drip of information it was getting from the CPU. Am I wrong? Isnt the more inferior piece of hardware the bottleneck that should hold up the better component? As you can see I know very little about PC gaming, I'm just struggling to understand the above points.
  9. So yesterday I built my first ever PC after watching many hours on Linus Tech Tips YT channel I successfully completed the below build; ASRock Steel Legend b450 Ryzen 5 2600x Sapphire Rx590 Nitro+ Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 16GB Gigabyte 240gb SSD Corsair Cx550 Fractal Design Focus G Case Everything worked great, I was surprised when I put the thing together and turned it on that not only did all my fans and LED work, but the machine booted! But one thing that has bothered me is that the case I picked as one area behind the motherboard to mount an SSD but due to the sata cables I cant actually mount it there. So I need to keep the drive bays to put the SSD in. This wouldnt be a huge issue as I am far from an expect on the matter but I did want to use a M.2 drive to reduce the cables and remove the drive bay completely but try as I may I can not figure out what I need to buy. I read words like M.2 B+M, PCIe, SATA, then i read about the form factors then I read about NVMe then I read that if certain M.2 drives are used I cant use certain PCIe slots and it all becomes too much and Ibuy a standard 2.5" as I did before. But after watching another video tonight I thought I would reach out to the community and ask for help. I just need a M.2 drive that will work with my mobo at around the 240gb mark please. Many thanks