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  1. This is the kind of behavior I was trying to overcome with the 30 secs delay.
  2. I've applied a 30 sec delay at startup because on some cases the app was not starting properly if it tried to open to early. You can tweak it down manually in the Task Scheduler in the "triggers" section.
  3. @NextShift That's odd, clearly it is crashing from LibreHardwareMonitor's update routine for the KrakenX3. The only array access in the code that might be making an out of bound is on line 154 here. https://github.com/LibreHardwareMonitor/LibreHardwareMonitor/blob/47ad851feb054246b03d9fcf5df9f041a0caa03d/LibreHardwareMonitorLib/Hardware/Controller/Nzxt/KrakenX3.cs The pump value is read from the buffer and then used as an index in an array. The value is not bound checked or clamped, so it has to be this one.
  4. Testing slightly more compact layout:
  5. Update #52 Bug fixes Fix typo in menu https://github.com/Rem0o/FanControl.Releases/releases/tag/V52
  6. I have a degree in engineering, so I played quite a bit with PID and stuff like that. I considered it and did a quick prototype a while back, but it just doesn't work well for this application. The temperature changes are way to erratic and fast while the relation between fan speed and temperature is too slow and indirect to make anything practical out of this.
  7. I meant in my dev build, still haven't released it.
  8. That's fixed already, don't know how it got there. I will look for the icon what could be done.
  9. I don't think it works for any laptop.
  10. Yeah the project doesn't have much activity these times arround.
  11. Well Argus is a whole different software with its own proprietary drivers. FanControl uses OHM as its backend driver, so it is normal that both act the same. Your board is simply not supported as of now.
  12. Update 51 Decided to give the option of one-way (down only) or two-way hysteresis: https://github.com/Rem0o/FanControl.Releases/releases/tag/V51
  13. Update 50 https://github.com/Rem0o/FanControl.Releases/releases/tag/V50
  14. @h00ch if you manually set a flat 0% curve to a control, does it stops and does its RPM on the card reads 0?