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  1. I tried a different power supply and it worked flawlessly, kinda weird when I think about why it was having problems only with windows. makes you think what happends in the background that makes the PSU crash when trying to boot it
  2. I just installed Linux Mint on the SSD , boots , reboots and shutdowns normally and everything works fine even loading YouTube 4K videos. What am I dealing with here?
  3. Couldn't get a new CPU to try more scenarios..... BUT! I tried to run Linux mint and it randomly did boot 1 time on compatibility Mode and 1 time on normal mode. While it was working it did not rebooted the PC. But after that it was a hit or miss, mostly did not boot on normal mode but on compatibily, I ran inxi -Fzx on linux mint to check and every piece of hardware appeared safe and sound. Any ideas?
  4. I just tried with another RAM module I had around, still same issue. Still waiting for my friend to try the other CPU
  5. I tried 2 different ones and nothing. I even tried to boot it from the USB with no hardrive and it reboots right when the "loading circle dots appears" on the screen. I'm honestly out of ideas, I will borrow another CPU from a friend (an 8th gen i7) ylto try and see if it boots. If it doesn't I think I will call the Mobo as DOA
  6. Additionally whenever I turn on the PC the CPU then RAM then VGA and then BOOT LED's flashes. I don't know if that's the normal behavior since the Manual of the Mobo only indicates that when it flashes there is something anormal. Ir doesn't say anything about sequences or anything else
  7. Okay, now for some reason I can kinda navigate past towards the setup, but at some random point it reboots. I was able to set my username account and password before it rebooted again
  8. I just checked my PSU cables/AIO and everything seems fine. I tried to start windows in safe mode via the recovery tool and it kinda booted to the settings but it's kinda buggy and eventually it rebooted. I noticed that when it reboots the CPU RED led on the Mobo lights up for a second. I checked the CPU even took it out and I put it back again with the cooler. CPU tempts are around 38C
  9. I'm not getting what you are saying, I can't boot my PC. How am I supposed to use this software?
  10. I will see what I can do. I don't have any other PC around to do those kind of tests
  11. Already did that. Still reboots, now it's really random sometimes it doesn't even starts windows setup , other times start copying files and suddenly restarts :/
  12. Hello Everyone and good evening! I just built a new PC and I can't figured it out why it keeps restarting and doesn't boot at all. I installed windows 10 (May update 1903) in my SSD (Crucial P1 Nvme SSD 500 GB) using an USB flash drive it get pass through the first setup where you choose where to install it, partition, copies the files etc.. but when the pc restarts to initialize the configuration of the OS the PC randomly restarts,gets stuck sometimes at the "Getting ready" screen or at the " let's start with region. Is this right?", Its an endless loop and dont know what to do. PC works fine at the BIOS configuration, I tried running the PC with only 1 memory stick, no XMP profile, also default optimized configuration from the BIOS. Also Tried to boot from a preinstalled Windows 10 from USB and still nothing... I even tried to "Reset" the windows from the recovery menu and after that the same issue persist. Here are my parts; CPU i7 9700K 500 GB Crucial P1 SSD Nvme Gigabyte Aorus Elite (Bios version F8) NZXT Kraken M2 AIO 16 GB RAM (2x8) Corsair vengeance 3200 MHZ Corsair CX750M PSU Plz help :C