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  1. He makes a big emotional video that makes it appear he might retire and then immediately makes a new video saying he isn't. If it was such a serious consideration, then why would you be able to immediately state otherwise. I am just saying its' gimmicky and obvious. There is nothing wrong with that, the guy like many successful youtubers knows how to evoke the attention of his audience.
  2. I think he was sincere in the video and he is indecisive but at the same time , immediately after he makes a video saying he isn't retiring. He is a youtuber, no video on youtube is really sincere, its planned, calculated, for an intended effect. I am not saying that in a negative way. Maybe both things were present at once, he became emotional over the 10 million milestone and started to reconsider his career/future and also saw a good opportunity to make a video about it.
  3. I am so glad right after this video Linus told us he isn't retiring!!!!! Thanks! You really made us believe you were serious for a few hours.
  4. I would probably get the Asus. I have creative sound blaster z (bought it used for 40 dollars) that is really good. But in general an internal sound card should be higher quality than an external one. External sound cards are usually for laptops. You will notice a difference with a sound card especially if it has an amplifier.
  5. You have a good cpu and alot of ram but your video card sucks. Unless you don't want to play games.
  6. Does anyone play ark? I think it's one of the most interesting games but really hard and brutal online. It's also sad when you lovingly raise your dinosaur and then he runs away or is killed.
  7. TF 2 is good but I got tired of it after a while.
  8. The idea onboard sound is good enough is a myth. While it is improved, a discrete sound card makes a huge difference.
  9. What multiplayer games do you play? What are your favorites? I am looking for people to play games with online.
  10. The card is supposed to be 250 dollars and faster than the TI and come out this month. XFX made a web page for the card and then deleted but here is a copy of it you can find it on bing cache, the weblink isn't working when I copy and paste it.
  11. Wolfenstien Young Blood is a good game
  12. Only cards that are above 1,000 are good.
  13. Switch is emulated although not many good games. 3ds is emulated well and gamecube. For some reason except for nintendo later generations stopped being emulated.