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  1. I'll keep that in mind, thank you. I was originally assuming it was like the AMD radeon settings, where I can customize what I want.
  2. Really? I didn't realize it was bloatware, I already installed that, but will uninstall it. I honestly didn't see the point in using it.
  3. Summary So I had purchased the GA502DU from best buy and in my opinion it is a great laptop, but I had problems with windows booting after I set up my account on Windows 10. I look into it and think,"Why not reset it?", which I have done plenty of times, but this apparently messed up windows more and basically ruined any chances of me actually booting into windows again. I then made a windows install drive and reinstalled windows, so I finally can use the laptop now and have been installing some drivers. Issue I am missing much of the asus programs that were originally on the laptop, armoury crate and so on. I have tried to find these programs to reinstall them, but cannot remember what all was on the system at the time. Anyway I can figure this out? I am very new with nvidia, I have only ever used AMD GPU's, what all drivers and programs should I get to monitor and control the 1660TI Max Q? How do I set up my system to use the Ryzen's APU for everything but gaming and have my 1660TI in use only for gaming? The armoury button on my keyboard does not do anything as well as the fan speed button. Thank you all for being patient with me. All information is greatly appreciated. Anything helps so if there is anything I should do as well, tell me!