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  • Birthday 2006-10-13

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    Tech, Athletics, shooting, photography


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    AMD FX-8350
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    Gigabyte 990xa-ud3 rev. 3.0
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    12gb DDR3 (2x2GB 1333, 2x4GB 1866)
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    MSI R9-390
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    Cooler Master Storm Scout
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    WD 240gb green 2,5", 500gb+320gb (spanned) 5400rpm 2,5"
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    XFX XTS 1000W (it was only 65€)
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    Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

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  1. If you find nice feeling switches you can just add O rings.
  2. Thank you so much but this is not my first time with Linux. I just don't know the differences between distros. I wanted to install Zorin OS (personal favorite) on the computer but, as I already said: I could install the os at home but I don't have a port for IDE hard drives. Tänks
  3. My classmate dropped my installation disk and it scratched alot and it didn't work anymore so I installed Ubuntu but my teacher in mistake turned of the main electricity power and everything turned off in the middle of installation. I have to wait an entire week to try again.
  4. https://images.app.goo.gl/UjyTVY6WZUPQpAvX7
  5. This is a continuation of this post: Should I install Xubuntu 18.04 or Linux Mint Cinnamon or is there something that looks like Xubuntu and Cinnamon but it would use less ram because I have only 1.5gb of ram?
  6. The teacher said that he wants Linux but he doesn't care which distro so should I go with xubuntu or mint cinnamon or something else? P.s. I have original win 2003 installation disc. But tänks.
  7. I found only that AMD added PAE support for Athlon CPUs but I'm not sure if it means Athlon 64 and newer or all Athlon CPUs.
  8. Short answer: You can't install windows or mac os on a PS4. But you can install linux.
  9. I'm going to upgrade and install Linux on an old PC that my teacher found in a warehouse. I'm gonna upgrade it to a Athlon XP 2600+ and 1,5gb of ram. But I'm not sure does the CPU support the Linux distro I want to install, I want to install xubuntu and it requires PAE capable CPU. Does Athlon XP 2600+ support PAE?
  10. I was searching is XU4 or PI4 better on lakka and I found the Hardware Support list but PI4 wasn't there. I know that lakka works on PI4 but I didn't get the answer which is better with lakka. I tried to find the answer on libretro forum but nothing. How do I know which is better without buying both? Do anybody know the answer?
  11. The recommend power supply for raspi 4 is a 5.1V/3A power supply, but I would want to use it using a power bank, but the only one near the recommend was 5V/3A. I have read that it's fine. But can I have the official 7" touchscreen, a mouse, a keyboard and a controller connected to it when I play games (which of course take more power than idle)?
  12. @TheRandomness do you have BotW? It has some frame drops/skips normally when docked. Do your game/s have frame drops/skips?
  13. A shield portable is 180€ today so I want to know will it work well before I buy one.
  14. But melee is a GameCube game. Do you think/know it will run?