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  1. Did you ever get it working? Waiting on my camlink to get here and planning on getting a lumix G7. In the mean time, i have the J5 i plan to use. If it doesn't work, i will use my D300 until i can get the G7
  2. Almost. But a few differences. I saw that one, but i like the I/O on the top better. Im also open to suggestions.
  3. Looks like this is happening. $400 used plus $140 shipping. Guess i will either go with one of the two backup cases i liked or this Tecware i just found that looks pretty nice. Im just looking for something for my eventual full loop.
  4. I saw that one, wasn't a huge fan of the front. I like the idea, but not the implementation.
  5. Reverse image search, why didnt i think of that? Ive done it for other things. Lol. Thanks!
  6. Trying to find my next case and i like how this one is layed out. TYIA
  7. Thanks. I mainly liked it for two reasons. 1.) Dual stacked exhaust vents. Main reason 2.) The tint. I read the bad reviews and it seems to have some spacing issues. Only reason i didn't buy it when i first was it was Darkflash DF800. But that has been a tease for awhile now, so now im looking at either of these.
  8. Did you go through with it? What was the result as i was looking into this case as well.
  9. Ok, so i had some time and i removed my ram and else cables. I now get codes 46, 60 and 65. I am trying to see if there is a way to q flash+ my Mobo from a usb. I know its possible on some gigabyte Mobos, but nothing i can see for mine.
  10. Ok. I reuninstalled my m.2 because it was fine until the clone. So i will see what happens now. Though i am getting ready to leave so, i will have to continue later. But still didn't have luck with the cmos. Im not getting anything to post. My keyboard isnt even turning on. I will take out everything unnecessary though.
  11. I have tried resetting the cmos, moving ram, no other sticks to try, reseated my cpu, still no post. Everything was fine until after my pc was shut down after cloning to boot into bios.
  12. Took it out, still no luck. I have error cost 54 which is "memory initialization failure", and a sign of a corrupted bios. I have tried launching into the backup bios, but no luck. I will try again tomorrow when im not tired.
  13. Ill try taking it back out. It sucks because its located behind my GPU so i have to uninstall that too
  14. As i stated in the title, just got a new NVME M.2, its a sabren 1tb. It showed up after i installed it with no issues. I then cloned my hdd contents to it which seemed to go fine then, i restarted my PC to go into the bios and change my boot drive but, it wont post for me to be able too, nor will my peripherals do anything. Any ideas on what happened or how to fix?