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  1. sheep_

    rgb fans help

    so how do i connect the controller correctly?
  2. sheep_

    rgb fans help

    my motherboard doesnt have an rgb header..
  3. sheep_

    rgb fans help

    okay thanks! so those 4-pin pwm connectors that say "usb"?
  4. sheep_

    rgb fans help

    https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/wired-rgb-controller-c10l/ i know it's not much but if it works i'm okay with it..
  5. sheep_

    rgb fans help

    i just got my cooler master rgb controller (the very small one) but i dont have the 12v connector on my motherboard. what can i do?
  6. hey, does anybody know if the Thermaltake riing 12 sync fans are compatible with the cooler master rgb controller?