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  1. Yesterday, i was surprised to see that my search isn't working properly. I deleted MSI Afterburner shortcut from the desktop and wanted to put it up again by searching for it. But, search wasn't working properly. I am not using one imbedded into the taskbar, but the one inside the start menu. Whenever i type something in, it waits for a second and then puts out this: As if the system is finding results but not showing them. And, it does not working by clicking on anything, there's no links at all. I searched for the search app in the system files (no pun intended) and it was not there. I'm pretty sure there was a "Search" system app in the Settings menu, right? Anyway, does anyone know how to fix this? The system is new, got the system on an SSD, but it worked maybe 3 days ago. No drastic changes were made to the system in those 3 days by me. Can't find the app on the Windows Store. Don't really know if i should system restore it as as i said there was nothing happening for 3-4 days flat. System refresh option is an OPTION but really don't want to install all my stuff again...