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  1. Hello,I have an old laptop hp 6830s. When I use it it's pretty laggy so,I decided to change from win7 32bit to win 10 64bit .And yes,it supports 64 bit architecture but I don't know if it will run smoother.Should I change the win to 10 64bit or leave it to win7 32bit?
  2. NikitaSch


    I was lucky finding a 5$ Witcher 3 Goty Edition BUT,there are rumours that the game will be free after few weeks on epicstore.Is it worth getting it for 5$?
  3. I found a pretty good router tp link arch c6 for my 100 mgbs plan.I watched some videos about this router an some say it's good,some say after a few months it stops working or keep turning on and off.What do you guys think about this router?
  4. The problem is that I will move after few months from where I leave now and my ISP can change it but the contract will be extended and I don't want that.Thats why I chose to buy a wireless router and connect it to my modem
  5. Hello guys,I have a modem from 2012 which supports WiFi 4(802.11n) and I get around 40 mgbs speeds on my smartphone.If I buy a router with 5 GHz I will get as well 40 mgbs or faster?My ISP provides 100 mgbs.
  6. i have a radeon r7 360.Im pretty sure i will see some difference between r7 360 and a 1650 s
  7. I already have a computer with an i3 6100 i just want to upgrade the gpu.
  8. I already have a computer with an i3 6100 i just want to upgrade the gpu.
  9. Hello guys,after some research i found a gtx 1650 super at a good price but i dont know if it will bottleneck with the i3.I dont want like super high graphics just want to play newer games on 1080p and low-medium graphics.What do you guys think?
  10. I just checked an for me it's difference of 10€ between msi 1050ti gaming and a msi 1650 gaming but I don't know how much power does the 1650 takes? I have a 500w PSU which I bought with the case 5 years ago and don't know if the PSU can take the gtx 1650
  11. I have an i3 6100 with 8gb of ram and a gigabyte r7 360 oc graphics card.Since I don't have any money and my r7 360 is dying I want to buy a msi gtx 1050 ti gaming.Is it worth it?
  12. That's the problem my modem doesn't have gigabits ports,and I want to know if I link my router to my modem will it get full 300 mgbs speed or not?