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  1. @SpaceGhostC2C I just checked and i missread. The 2x8 does, the 4x8 like i have doesnt appear to have my motherboard on the qvl list, that explain a lot. I can still return the kits within 15 days, i just got them. thats why i took 3 kits to try out wich work the best. Will probably follow @Intelfreak advise, thanks
  2. Hello, i'm on a x570 aorus master with ryzen 3700x, and i bough some ram kits to test wich goes faster. I've got a 3800mhz cl14 kit G.Skill Trident Z Neo 4x8 32 gb, but the xmp profile doesnt load. I tried to do the timings and frequency manualy, even 3733 mhz, not booting. The 3600mhz cl14 XMP work. The 3800mhz is on the QVL of my motherboard and is supposed to be tested and compatible to achieve that speed, why it's not working for me ? Can't go higher than 3600mhz. Tried to OC the 3600mhz one to 3733 but same.
  3. The lower isnt it better ? There is another kit at 3600 mhz CL14 15 15 35 at 1.45 volt. It will allow me more headroom for manual overclock no ? After saw that video from LTT on youtube i understood that the best choice for ryzen is stick to a 3600 low latency and then work on that
  4. Hello, i just ordered this G.Skill Trident Z Neo 4x8 go 3800mhz CL14 16 16 36 1.5 volt, and i'm afraid it's not the best because 1.5 volt. I would have taken the 3600 mhz cl14 15 15 35 1.4 volt, but it was out of stock. This is for an aorus x570 master motherboard, for an ryzen 3700x. Is that ram pretty good or not because the high voltage ?
  5. Ok, and what about the cable distance ? Does it decrease quality if i take a 3 metter instead of 2 for exemple ?
  6. Hello, i'm about to purchase a new headset. What i need : Wireless so i can watch movies from my bed But good microphone quality, and we all know that this doesnt exist on wireless mostly. My question is, if i buy a wireless headset, can i just plug the cable included with it when i'm gaming and need decent mic quality or it doesnt work like this and i'm forced to buy wire headset for the best quality possible ? I would buy a wireless and then buy a separate microphone but thats expensive. Thanks for your help
  7. Hello, since the beginning i've been setting my ram profile to XMP. I have 4x8gb 3200Mhz CL16-18-18-38 1.35v. Trident Z RGB. (Product : F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR) But now that i have a ryzen 3700x and updated my bios, i wanted to see how far i can go with it (and still being stable) My motherboard is a x470 Aorus Ultra Gaming, on the technical page it says that the max ram is 3200mhz, but i dont think its true, i saw some people reaching more on this board on YouTube. I tried manualy set the frequency to a bit higher like 3400mhz, but computer wont start, so i'm missing Something. If someone could help me to overclock it, frequency or latency or both, that would be nice. Here is some pictures of my BIOS for memory (and i dont understand most of settings). There is some new settings since i updated bios for 3rd gen ryzen.
  8. Lol ^^ 1080p 144 hz off course :) I think i fixed my problem i reinstalled Windows and everything and turn off SMT mode and it seems to work fine in games, i see the boost properly now.
  9. GPU mhz is something changing frequently. Mine is OC stock i never touched it
  10. It doesnt matter. Whats should be important is the CPU score difference. And yes it give 14.4% more for the 3700x, but i'm still blaming my 3700x for not see any improvement in games. You guys would be pissed off if you was in my situation aswell. I think its due to x470 not completely supported...
  11. Hmm all i did is switch processor and start time spy again
  12. Pretty sure if i had bough a i9700k the difference would be huge
  13. I tested the whole day on all my games and a couple of time, at different scenes. I know what i say.
  14. 3D Mark Spy did gave more points on 3700x. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/8350158 3700x https://www.3dmark.com/spy/8350679 2700x But if i dont see any difference in my own games even if i look rly closely at my frames, then those results doesnt matter at all.
  15. What do you mean ? As long as my GPU is not working at 100% the processor can bring more performance. I'm not GPU bottlenecked. I measure the difference by staying on the exact same places in the game, looking at my feets, so it give the most stable results.