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  1. We were planning on buying an Oled tv until we heard that Oled can't handle bright rooms that well. Is it better to go with a Qled or stay with Oled. Our curtains block the light partially.
  2. Cedri

    QLED or OLED tv?

    Here it is 2300 euro's. The e9 is 2350 euro's
  3. Cedri

    QLED or OLED tv?

    Watching movies and series. Maybe in the future playing some games on ps5 but not too much.
  4. Cedri

    QLED or OLED tv?

  5. Cedri

    QLED or OLED tv?

    So Oled it will be. What do you think about a9g and gx?
  6. Cedri

    QLED or OLED tv?

    I can buy it on a different place without the phone and it is 3100 euro's
  7. Cedri

    QLED or OLED tv?

    I have curtains that block the light partially so I think oled will be best. I was thinking about a9g or lg gx. What are your opinions about those 2?
  8. Cedri

    QLED or OLED tv?

    are you sure? that 3999 tv?
  9. Which one would you recommend to someone that knows very little about tv's?
  10. rtings says that e9 and a9g are very good. Which one is the best?
  11. They didn't review the x line up. Just the cx. You know some information about gx and other? Are they any good?
  12. No other recommendations? I don't have to spend 3,8k. If there is a cheaper one that is almost the same it is fine for me