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  1. Yes it pretty much the same when it comes to the price. But i have some questions. Why the aftermarket CPU cooler? Is the stock one bad? Why Memory with only 3200Mhz? Isnt 3600Mhz the sweetspot? Shouldnt the GPU with 3 fans be better cooled or does that not really matter? And is there a specific reason you chose this case, or do you just recommend this one ? Also thanks for your help
  2. In Advance sorry for typos and some fucked up grammer. This isnt my first time putting together a gaming rig but it has been some time and im looking help and suggestions. So my budget is around 2000 Euro, im from Austria in Europe so please keep that in mind. Im gonna pretty much play anything from AAA games to Indie games. I also want to play Cyberpunk 2077 next year when it releases on PC. My current PC cant keep up with current games anymore, thats why im planning on making a new one. I do have Mouse and Keyboard aswell as two Monitors that im planing on using. First monitor is 1080p 144hz, second one is 4k 60hz. I do have a 250GB SSD and a 2TB Harddrive that can be reused. I attached a File where I put something together of what I thought might be good. Feel free to suggest other stuff but keep in mind that im not the greatest when it comes to PCs. Thank you for your help.