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  1. Well the build is certainly not balanced, however it does not matter, because the added cores will aid in music production(or so do I think, I don't know I am a noob). On other note, if I'll have to opt for a 6 core Ryzen 5 3600, I want to ask whether an i7 9th gen laptop fares better or worse compared to it in terms of overall everyday performance(in music production and gaming)?
  2. Hi guys, Please help me build a PC cheap, case and stuff included, because I am getting confused. My main priorities are having a Ryzen 3700X and GTX 1660S. The main purpose of this build will be some casual gaming and some music production. Also, matx builds are more favourable. Please do suggest alternatives since I do not live in the States and for some reason, some cheaper products tend to be inflated by almost double the price(really like wtf). I live in India, so if you are a fellow Indian, do suggest prices from Amazon only, since I'll be buying from there. If not then, just suggest whatever is generally cheaper. Any changes to my choices that suit my preferences are wholeheartedly welcome. Thanks and regards, abhivykt
  3. Thank you for your comment. But I think that will be too much of a hassle. Anyways, thanks again.
  4. Your suggestion will be very difficult for me to implement.... I was looking for a quick buy and replace... Anyways, thank you for investing your time into the matter.
  5. I was playing with the idea of replacing the usb 2.0 ports for usb 3.0 ports since the usb ports are not soldered on the motherboard. Couldn't find anything on the web and was disappointed. Then remembered about the folks here. Please convey if anyone has any idea about it. (Nothing serious, just intrigued) Device Name : Sony VAIO VPCEH36EN Device Model : PCG-71811W
  6. Thank you everyone ?and sorry for making that another thread?
  7. Crucial BX500 vs Kingston A400 240GB for my old VPCEH36EN VAIO laptop. Please don't suggest other costlier ssds because this is the most I can spend. Thank you!!