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  1. yeah,I could do that, but in our country a case is pretty much needed. so I can't do that in here.so much dust in air.it will become mess,I guess. but thanks for your suggestion, but a case is a must.
  2. yeah,I will try so. And thanks #Goldenlag for your time to help me. Thank you very much mate.
  3. nope,my budget is tight. I can spend like 450$ max for my pc.not more than that.
  4. I will definitely try that suggestion, but what will be that case model?
  5. Thanks #Stormseeker9 for replying with the goods. Thank you very much.
  6. yeah,it was a mistake. I told you,I have little knowledge in this section, man. but I am learning...
  7. yeah,pc.it was a mistake. sorry man for my little knowledge. The use purpose are for gaming and online freelancing.
  8. Hey guys,I have got 400 dollar to build a cpu with Ryzen 5 3400g in mind,but I can't decide on other components for the system. Because I have little experience in this section. Please help me to find the best rig for my cpu,under 400 dollar. As you speak, #No Dollar Wasted . Thank you guys. Love your works. Love for #Linus....