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  1. "I swear if you SLI two GTX 960s, 970s, 980s or 1070s after reading this guide I will {REDACTED}." well i guess that answers that question for good now. lol
  2. well that answers one of my sli questions. lol
  3. yeah i just now found the SLI guide on the front page, so that parts a shame. i still lose GRAM for either SLI option. ok so then the question becomes, how does that compare to the performance of my 1070 i already have? looking at the specs sheet, that gets a slightly better clock speeds than my 1070, but is that worth the $400 upgrade?
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, but i have been following the YT channel for a while. I have a quick question about GPU's that I can't quite make a decision on. so I am currently running an MSI GTX 1070 on my main pc. I have around $500-$600 to upgrade the GPU and I had two potential ideas, that I wanted to do. first option: i can get the exact same 1070 I already have on amazon for around $550, then SLI them together, to almost double my existing performance. (16gb gram) second option: Buy two 1660ti, which would be an improvement over my current performance, and have hardware RTX, but ultimately be a slight downgrade compared to the 1070 build option (12gb gram) alternatively I was looking at the newer GPUs like a 2070 Super, but from the looks of it, for the $600ish price range, that doesn't compare to the performance with the other two options. does anyone else have ideas on how to get the best bang for my buck, or know which of these options is the better way to go?