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  1. judging from the past it probably will, but only time will tell
  2. In my country the 5600x and 10600K are exactly the same price and they will probably have around the same performance. Maybe one is a little faster then the other. But the difference for me is that the 5600x has a cooler included and that saves me a lot of money
  3. so i should just buy the i5 10600K and then upgrade my ram later?
  4. The problem is that my current RAM isn't fast enough to unleash the 5600's full potential (16GB ddr4 2133MHz)
  5. which one should i chose? Is the Ryzen still worth it in late 2020? Or should i go with the newer i5 10600K? Answers are appreciated!
  6. This is the cheapest B460M board i could find why wont that one for example do the job? I'm not really into motherboards, so sorry if i'm asking really dumb questions btw
  7. not really an big overclocking enthusiast so wont be doing that very much But why for example shouldn't i just get a cheaper option like this
  8. Because i'm already in the intel ecosystem
  9. Hey guys. I'm upgrading my CPU to a i5 10600K but i still need an new motherboard to pair with it. What are the best Micro ATX boards under 70 euro (82,03 USD)? Any answers are appreciated!
  10. What cooler would you recommend that's smaller then 156MM in height and will do the trick?
  11. the problem is that that one is just slightly to big for my case why wouldn't it be a good cooler tho?
  12. Hey guys. I'm planning to upgrade my i5 6400 to a i5 10600K and need a new cooler, because a stock cooler wont do the trick. My question is: Will a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO be enough? Or should i search for a more expensive solution The cooler cant be above 156 MM in height because i have a relatively small case Any answer is appreciated!
  13. Shouldn't i just apply some extra thermal paste instead of buying a whole new cooler? And yes, that cooler is the one i'm using rn
  14. And should i just apply it to my CPU? not the cooler
  15. Hello guys! I'm planning to upgrade my old cpu (i5 6400) for a new i5 10600K, but i have a few questions. My current cpu is installed with a intel stock cooler, and i've heard those already include some thermal paste on the cooler. I'm planning to just reuse this cooler because my new cpu doesnt come with one. But because i already used the cooler for like 3 years, is it necessary to buy some new thermal paste to apply to my cpu or cooler? I would really appreciate some answers!