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  1. oh, this is so good, typing with my keyboard I tried every option you have mentioned sadly but none of them worked, turns out there is an error(Code 19) in the registry, so i had to edit the registry and now it is working, anyway thanks for trying to help.
  2. I gave my SSD to my friend as he wants to see how fast it will run on his laptop, he connected the SSD to his laptop by replacing his HDD, it's working good and gave me back, the problem is after attaching to my own pc, the keyword is connected but i can't type, tried the troubleshoot but no help, please help.
  3. This is what i'm looking for, sadly amazon won't ship this to India, i'm gonna search for this on local site, Thank You.
  4. these are really good amps, but none of these have sub woofer output, anyway i'm gonna do some little research for the sub woofer output or i'm order Derkoli suggested, Thank You
  5. i can solder a 3.5mm jack to the wires and plug them into my motherboard, but is my motherboard is sufficient enough to drive a 2*90W speakers and also a sub woofer, i'm using a MSI X370 Gaming Plus motherboard
  6. I've a couple of 90W speakers and 150W sub woofer from LG. I want to connect these speakers to my desktop pc which has a MSI X370 Gaming Plus Motherboard. The problem is the speakers are pure wired, i mean there are no connectors, it just plain old red and black wire and sub woofer is also like this. So How can i connect these speakers to my PC, should i use a 2.1 amplifier? if i should, can you recommend one in a budget? and what is the usual output power from the back end Audio Connectors of the motherboard. Please help me.