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  1. My question is, what will the NH-L9I handle as cooling capabilities go. I want to build a pc that can only house a L9I, I want to know if I can put a i9 9900 non K under it and still be in happy temps land. If this is not possible would changing it out for a 9700 do it? Maybe changing out the included fan to a industrial PPC noctua fan? If anyone has suggestions leave em below. I have no use in people telling me the TDP and wattage thats on the intel site, I'm well aware that the intel site says 65W but in reality the I9 9900 doesn't even come close to this efficient. No I am not going with Ryzen I know they have great offerings but I dont like jumping on the new tech train. If your not convinced, Jayz made a whole video about why new tech is great but not always reliable.
  2. System specs: Xeon W3680 6c/12t @4.4Ghz all core OC Radeon R9 Fury 10%OC 2x8GB HyperX CL10 1600Mhz (@1333Mhz) 4x4GB Kingston ValueRam CL10 1333Mhz Other hardware doesnt matter in this case, my question goes is my ram bottlenecking gaming performance or not? The Userbenchmarks benchmark say my cpu is ok for performance (performance wise its just above a Ryzen 5 1600) My gpu is well alright and all but it says my Ram is poor. I've tested 3x4GB of the valueram because the same sticks are supposed to work well together right? I got a measily 0,5% performance gain from that so thats not an issue my kingston and hyperx work well enough together. Then I started to think is going over to 3x4GB of 1600Mhz CL9 going to help improve performance or am i just doomed to have poor ram forever or do I need to try and OC my ram? Any and all info on 3 channel ram could help out a lot so let out your thoughts on this please!
  3. Simple question here, I'm buying the following Ryzen 7 3700x Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Dan cases a4 sfx I was going for the flare x which came out with ryzen 1st gen I believe, trident z neo came out and looked like a priced up flare x and it confused me why there was even talk about the product since the extreme prices of it. Question remains what is the best set of ram for a ryzen 7 cpu, I'm looking for a good 3200 to 3800mhz cl14 kit for under 200 euro, something that will fit the dan case a4 sfx.