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  1. Do you guys have a specific guide on how to enable ram to reach 3,000 MHz on MSI B450M Mortar Max?
  2. So I recently finished my latest build which I am currently using now. +MSI B450M Mortar Max with BIOS as of 2019-10-27 +Ryzen 5 2600 +16GB RAM When I first turned it on, there was no display from the mobo hdmi output. Lights and Fans working. I plugged in a dedicated GPU and switched the cable to the GPU. I am now getting a display. I went to the MSI BIOS Advanced Settings to look for "Integrated Graphics Configuration" thinking it was just disabled however i did not find the menu for "Integrated Graphics Configuration". What am I missing to get the onboard graphics working? The DDR4 installed is 3000 MHz. How can I get it to recognize 3000 instead of 2133?
  3. It's just an RX480 but happy with it. Don't have $$ enough yet for the newer generations.
  4. Yes, I have a dedicated GPU that is sufficient enough for my use.
  5. Would you think the improvement is highly significant to spend $$$ on? Is there an LTT video would shed some light on GHz=GHz with different architectures
  6. So I've had this 2013 machine which screams for an upgrade. My i5 4440 is a 4 core 3.1GHz. If say, I get a Ryzen architecture that is ThEoReTiCaLly also a "4 core 3.1 GHz" as well. All other components "the same", no plans of overclocking. Will there be a huge improvement at gaming?