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  1. I'm in the US so shipping is fairly easy. The Fuma 2 technically fits but with literally half a milimeter left over, manufacturing tolerances could make it not fit. I don't really want to take that risk.
  2. Yeah, Noctua performs great but I really don't understand why they still use beige and brown 30 years after everyone else has moved to black.
  3. I'm using the O11 Dynamic. I know it's designed for liquid cooling but Gamers Nexus evaluated the air flow and it's still pretty good. The lack of clearance is why I need a medium to low profile cooler. I haven't decided on ram though.
  4. I need a cooler for my 3900x. Because of form factor I need something medium to low profile. Is the Dark Rock TF any good? I've barely been able to find any reviews. Will it at least perform better than the included wraith prism? Otherwise it would be a waste. Does anyone have any alternate recommendations for medium to low profile air coolers? Aesthetics are important. I like that the Dark Rock TF is all black.
  5. I need a 4k, 32 inch display for creative work. Which means I need the best possible color accuracy. I don't intend to do any gaming on it. I was hoping I could get some recommendations because I'm a little lost and researching monitors has become stressful. 32 inches seems big, but I really need the space to get detail in my art. I'd even go bigger if there was a good option. I'm hoping to spend under 500 dollars, but if a monitor is perfect, I'd consider a little more.
  6. Like the title says I need a good IPS monitor for digital art and graphic design. I need really good color accuracy and good viewing angles. I would consider 1440p if it was an amazing deal but I'm really hoping for 4k. I'm not going to use it for gaming much, if at all, so high refresh rates and low response times really don't matter. I also don't care about G-Sync or Freesync for the same reason. I'm looking for something that's 27 inches or more. The bigger the monitor, the more detail I can work with. I have a really small monitor and borrowing my friend's huge one for a bit changed my life. I found a 43 inch one by AOC (u4308v) which tempted me but it only has one review and I didn't want to take such a big risk. I won't complain about bezels if the panel is good. I'm hoping to spend 500 USD or less, but if something is just right I'm willing to spend a little more. I would really appreciate any advice. I've been trying to find a good monitor for days and I'm feeling pretty lost.
  7. I just want to thank everyone for these good responses. They definitely make me less paranoid about buying a monitor. I think I'll take Energycore's advice and start a thread asking for advice on buying a monitor.
  8. I've been looking up monitors for a few days now and I'm frustrated. Every single monitor on Amazon has bad reviews. Dead pixels, ips glow, varied color temperature. Even when you go up in price group, there are a few reviews that seem catastrophic. Is quality control just terrible for all monitors? Will I always be at risk for receiving a terrible panel? I can't be the only one that's noticed this. It's getting really stressful looking at all these monitors and finding nothing good. Can someone tell me if I should be worried or if these reviews are fake?
  9. Did anyone ever buy this monitor? I need to know if it's worth buying