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  1. That is just so violently American.
  2. My primary transport is a motorcycle, so yes.
  3. I reached Challenger once in League of Legends exclusively playing best unicorn waifu Soraka in every position (ESPECIALLY JUNGLE). I then promptly quit as my LoL experience had peaked and nothing could top it (also they nerfed all the supports except Thresh and I couldn't do things like AP Sona mid anymore)
  4. I hope everyone is ready for the RAWR'ing 20's



    I hate myself for typing that too

  5. Certificate Authority. It's a deep rabbit hole you can go down, but a TL;DR would be fun to watch
  6. Honestly I'm just hyped for the keyboard being reverted. I've been holding out getting a new MBP because of that (well that and the T2 chip) I remember when you could buy a 17 inch MacBook back in ye day, but apparently Apple doesn't think people who do editing on the go want a larger screen. Hopefully the popularity of larger screen sizes on other laptops gets us back to larger MacBook options which should theoretically lead to slightly better thermals due to increased thermal mass and space for fans/pipes.
  7. Good Gods, I should be making a killing as a security consultant if this is the kind of nonsense that these companies are engaging in.
  8. Logic Pro and Final Cut I've been composing and editing on Apple products since the iBook G4 and at this point trying to relearn my entire workflow in another ecosystem would just be too much of a hassle.
  9. This right here is what the community really wants. Tech YouTubers providing them entertaining videos AND the service of a speedy Minecraft server.
  10. I appreciate the response and I can certainly understand why Apple's OS and business practices can be a turn off for a number of consumers. I feel that "objectively worse" was maybe a bit harsh on my end, but looking at my iPhone XR's hardware versus the Pixel 4's with a price comparison wouldn't excite me to purchase the Pixel 4 if it had been released as an iPhone model or even if it were offered to me as an option to switch to Android. Although the notch does annoy me when it happens to cut off a portion of a comic I'm trying to read. As to the main issue of title switching, I feel that looking at "was the statement inflammatory to a misleading degree" is certainly a litmus test that should be reviewed and implemented further, but given that your company pumps out a video every day, I can understand how deadlines could lead to such a title when on a time crunch. End of the day, 99.99% of the community won't notice or care about it, but I can at least appreciate you as a CEO acknowledging that there was a decision made somewhere in the pipeline that led to a correction versus just not acknowledging it at all (taking the Apple route) and pretending that everything was always awesome all the time.
  11. I just clone drives with Puppy linux because I'm too lazy to find imaging software and Puppy will run on basically anything.
  12. Generally speaking, all server RAM is ECC. If you were to have non-ECC RAM though, it would work just fine.
  13. I'm the IT guy at a brokerage firm. Currently studying how to do Network penetration with Kali Linux because the new CIO at corporate knows things about stuff
  14. the i5 does not support ECC RAM, so even if your mobo did, it probably wouldn't work.