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  1. I said some of the things they talked about...neat. Hire me Linus senpai.
  2. Banned for making me remember English I II and II
  3. So always insure your products and require signatures if that's an option. It's saved me so much hassle when doing an RMA on equipment because if it does get lost during the return process I can easily reference the chain of custody on the shipper's part and direct the company I'm RMA'ing to that I did my due diligence in returning their product and am not trying to scam them. If the product is worth more than 10K I'll even toss a GPS tracker in the box because I'm not trying to get charged for equipment that expensive.
  4. I took a nap in the server room today so I guess I could word that as Utilized previously non-productive time to ensure greater stability, friendliness, and productivity in future endeavors. Implemented a strict time keeping regimen to maximize results while minimizing down-time and engaging in zero cost methodologies of increasing work related performance.
  5. Legally I'm 29, but my spine, joints, and love of yelling at youths would beg to differ on that number.
  6. Hook a water cooling loop up to a toilet. The kitchen sink definitely proved the greatest home appliance water cooler, but what if fresh water was periodically introduced to the loop through flushing instead of a constant stream? The biggest issue in water cooling is running your liquid through a large enough loop/radiator to expose it to enough cool air so that by the time it hits the hot areas again, it has fully dissipated the heat. With 4+ liters of tank at your disposal and occasional total purges of all the water in your loop, your system should be the coolest PC outside of sub zero units. Since toilet flushes can use over 12 liters of water on more inefficient systems, this can be a huge loop that starts at the wall of a bathroom and ends with a pipe in the tank so your toilet still functions properly. Quad SLI GPU water cooling is theoretically possible given the sheer thermal mass of this setup. System starting to approach throttling temperatures? Flush all the heat away and hit those blocks with fast moving, cool water to instantly drop temps and get more boost.
  7. I prefer keyboard shortcuts. My professional life is defined by keyboard shortcuts. Maybe I'm just old, but I'd rather take a second to move my hand on the touchpad or nipple versus moving away from the keyboard to poke my screen. You are correct though, my first Windows 8 laptop was not a touchscreen and it was infuriating to use. It was also my last Windows 8 laptop after I chucked it in to a pillar at the school library for constantly activating the charms bar when I was trying to type an essay. I converted to Mac shortly afterwards.
  8. I feel like I'm in the minority here, but I don't want a touchscreen on every device. Touchscreens get dirty, touchscreens have to be cleaned more often, touchscreens encourage children to touch your electronics, and touchscreens increase cost. I just want a 1080p screen so I can do work, but apparently if I want decent tech specs I either get a touchscreen, an overpriced "gaming" laptop, or a Macbook Pro. The touchscreen makes sense on a 2-in-1 unit. You flip it over in to tablet mode and BOOM, you have a touchscreen tablet with full laptop OS. You can draw, write, and highlight things with your stylus no problem. But for the regular old laptops? I just don't get it. Why would I need a touchscreen on a screen that can't be folded back or even flat? What purpose, other than novelty or cost increase, does the touchscreen serve on an HP Probook or any other business use laptop? I'm never going to poke an Excel sheet instead of using a mouse or trackpad, so why even bother including the screen except to make the unit more expensive. I feel this all stems from my hatred of Windows 8 and the charms bar.
  9. I've played weirder dating sims. Also that one girl with the thicc thighs spilling over her thigh highs does things for me
  10. For anyone wondering, yes, I do want an RFID chip in my hand to turn my bedroom in to a sex dungeon

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. The_Prycer


      I mean yes, but being able to wave my hand like a magic wand to cause the lights to dim, music to play, and possibly some cameras to start recording is just cool cyberpunk aesthetic

    3. Den-Fi


      That's what happens when I snap 3 times with a slight pause between the 2nd and 3rd snap.

    4. Tristerin


      @The_Prycer at first I was putting on my tinfoil hat and coming to this update, then I saw your reply above and I was like - Mans got a point!

  11. Padoru is love Padoru is life Padoru is eternal
  12. That might actually be a better solution since I do wear things. HA. I guess i could, but I don't want to anyone else be able to activate the sexy time sensor
  13. Yeah, but I wanna wave my hand and have things happen. Switches are just so pedestrian. You've mentioned painting my nails twice now and I'll certainly look in to it. Might even try out an IR setup as it is probably cheaper. My use case will be fairly sporadic though, so I don't know if I want to get in the habit of painting my nail(s) just in case
  14. I already have a camera system set up in my house so I guess I could install more of them. I realize an implant is a bit on the extreme end, but that's why I'm probing for information out here on the forums since I figured at least one of you people might have one. Depending on the difficulty of the task, I might require a secondary implant in my hand/forearm, but yes I 100% want a Sci-fi experience.