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  1. Not sure where you read that but I think that's been sorted as of recently. I certainly haven't had any of those issues so far and I was running a NH-D15S air tower before swapping for my Kraken AIO. I would relax and look more into it because there's definitely a lot of people on Ryzen 3000 who are super happy after passing the early teething issues. That's what you get for being an early adopter (I'm guilty of it too) but 6+ months down the line that's not an issue any more really so I wouldn't worry if I was you.
  2. First off, can you state your specs please? Such as CPU cooler, motherboard ("MSI X570" narrows it down to 7 motherboards and some of them are not good), case, case fan setup and etc.? First thing I would try in your case is update the BIOS to the latest and then check how your CPU cooler is mounted and probably just remount to check you have good coverage with your thermal paste and have the CPU cooler mounted properly. If that doesn't solve anything then I'd run cinebench R20 with Ryzen Master on and check what's going on in terms of per core boosting, voltages and temps. It's normal for Ryzen 3000 to hit ~1.45V on single core loads and such. On multi core loads I believe you should get voltages of around 1.30V instead, preferably slightly lower (I get about 1.27-1.30V depending on what I'm running). Getting temps of around ~90 degrees Celsius is odd. I don't even get that running Prime95 on small FFTs.
  3. I think even the 3950X would be overkill for you and that has a quarter of the cores and threads you're debating about getting. Are you sure you don't need the money for anything else, like a new car? Also, just going to leave this here: https://www.techradar.com/news/amd-threadripper-3990x-128-thread-monster-is-too-much-for-windows-10-pro-to-handle
  4. Have you considered looking into B550? I think that's suppose to come out at some point this year and may be the best of both worlds for you? Just a suggestion.
  5. @Satan_Prometheus, @TVwazhere, @LaughingHyena Thanks for the reply guys and apologies for the late reply, been away with work. Yeah I'm really stuck between the two. I think either case will be hard to sell here (UK) just because I don't really know of any good place to sell PC hardware (if you know any then please let me know, would be much appreciated). I did like the look of the PC-O11 Dynamic a lot and I also rate the flexibility of the P600S. I don't think I'll be going to install a mITX system any time soon just because I prefer to run a cool system and don't have a need for a second system (or the money really haha). Having the choice to go back to air cooling is appealing but I feel like AIOs and maybe even custom loop are the way I want to go for now tbh. I do also enjoy the look of the more box-like PC-O11 Dynamic compared to the tower-esque vibes of the P600S. Kind of stuck really between the two still. Might make a poll? I currently have 3x AER 120 mm fans which I can install on the PC-O11 Dynamic plus some ML120s and ML140s.
  6. Hey guys, So over the last couple of months I've acquired both of these cases through deals and I've now reached a point where I don't see the point of keeping two cases when I only have one system (no need for another). I bought the PC-O11 Dynamic first because I liked the look and the reviews for airflow and such were outstanding to say the least. I then decided during an upgrade to my system to go for an air cooler tower on my CPU (NH-D15S) and therefore the PC-O11 Dynamic no longer fit the bill so I decided to get the P600S which was on sale. Since then I've decided to go back to my Kraken X62 AIO as I felt it made my build look cleaner and more refined (to my taste). I've since sold my NH-D15S but now I'm currently stuck deciding between which case to stick with and therefore which one to sell. Basically, I'm looking for opinions rather than just technical knowledge about which is best. I love both cases, they're both aesthetically pleasing and have good airflow (not sure which is better, and I use my P600S without the front and top panels) and I just can't seem to decide which one is better. My build is in my sig and in terms of future planned upgrades, I only plan to upgrade my CPU and maybe add a 2.5 inch drive which neither of these choices neglect one case over another. I know this is may seem like a weird inquiry but just looking for external opinions and ideas basically and any feedback is appreciated! P.s. the P600S is gunmetal colored and the PC-O11 Dynamic is white. The rest of my room is white and my keyboard (Corsair K70 rapidfire), mouse (Corsair Harpoon) and monitor (in sig) are black.
  7. It may also be worth checking if you have the latest bios and chipset updates? Ryzen power plans may also help. I also agree with @Tomthehitman, definitely look at playing around with your CPU fan curve to see if it helps out. For reference I get about 35-45 degrees Celsius on idle and then about 65-66 degrees Celsius on Cinebench R20 - and that's with PBO on and AutoOC.
  8. GeLi

    RX 5700xt

    I'm pretty sure the RTX 2070 Founders Edition has a DVI port. Eventually you'll have to replace the screen because DVI is obsolete moving forward and the RTX 2070 has both HDMI and Displayport so it can accommodate that change. Outside of that the RX 5700 XT performs slightly better than the RTX 2070 and is better value for money but both will smash 1080p gaming - at 1080p the strain is more on the CPU to be honest.
  9. What Radeon drivers are you running?
  10. Can't really say until we know how well the 5600XT performs. People were excited about the 5500XT and that barely improved over the RX 570/580/590 and it's pricing doesn't make it an attractive option at that price point in terms of price:performance. Just wait out and see I guess, it releases on the 21st anyway (I think) so I'm sure you can hold out for two weeks.
  11. AMD stated that they've committed to the AM4 stock until 2020 so that would assume Ryzen 4000 compatibility. So I would just get the 3600 and then upgrade to a 4700X when it comes out.
  12. How can you say any of this when there is no information out there? Just 'leaks' which are just rumours - no concrete information whatsoever. No one thought the RTX line was going to be as wildly expensive as it ended up being. Same thing for Ryzen 4000, we have no clue about pricing or specs. Either decide to wait around 6 months to see what Ryzen 4000 and NVidia Amp brings or buy now the parts that suits your needs.
  13. Custom water looping. I'm no expert in water cooling but the information below may help: Look at EK's website or Corsair Hydro-X series for ideas of what a custom water loop system is: https://www.ekwb.com/ https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/hydro-x-series-custom-cooling It will definitely increase your system cost but it's also the best form of system cooling.
  14. These formula boards, with the EK water blocks on the VRM's, are made primarily for custom water loops hence the existence of the water cooled VRM blocks. This means that if you water cool the VRMs you can get a really cool system whilst happily overclocking the 9900K(F/S). Now you can air cool the VRMs if you wish but the performance is way worse because the VRMs' cooling are not made for air cooling. In that case you're better off going for a Maximus Code or Hero which has the exact same VRMs but with a normal heatsink to air cool the VRMs. Now, that's not to say you shouldn't get the Formula. If you like the board and it fits your build aesthetically to your liking then go for it. Just be aware that the board is not made for air cooling the VRMs so don't be suprised if you get subpar turbo boosting on the 9900K(F/S) not to mention overclocking.
  15. I support your choice of a 3900X over the 3700X and definitely over the 3800X. I would go with the 3600MHz CAS 16 memory sticks. The others I would only get if you were willing to spend time tightening the timing because otherwise I'd just go for 3200MHz CAS 16 or CAS 14 if you can. With respect to PSUs if you want to look at good units use the following PSU tier list to help make your decision: It's definitely handy to have spare M.2 slots for the future. Doesn't hurt and it can be beneficial with respect to SATA port availability and hard drive slot availability in your case. I would recommend going for a 2 M.2 slot motherboard - personally I'd go 3 slot but that's personal choice. Hope all this helps somehow!