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  1. Even when in a game or stress testing, it will just show 90% + utilization but the speed will be bugged at 0.80GHz
  2. So, the other day I decided to OC my CPU an i7-4790K. And I'm happy with the overclock. But for some odd reason the windows task manager shows that my CPU is stuck at 0.80 ghz, but if I check CPUz it says it's 4.5ghz which is the correct CPU speed. Is there any way to get windows to recognize the OC? Thanks
  3. I can't manage to end the thread. Could someone help?
  4. As OP, I feel obligated to step in. I think this topic has reached an end, there is no point in arguing for the sake of argue. I will now consider the AERO 15 from Gigabyte, but just so that everyone is pleased I will look into comparing the Mac and AERO . I like macs, (it's like a guilty pleasure), the OS is nice, and it just works. I know the performance difference and that is why I want to look into other windows options. Thanks to everyone for taking their time to comment and give their opinion, it's greatly appreciated.
  5. Yeah, it looks really nice. But since I live in Norway my options are limited.
  6. I meant the ASUS one had dual core i7. I know the MBP specs, have done some research my self. Thanks doe!
  7. That AERO 15 looked really sweet. Thanks for the recommendation!
  8. Oh, I didn't know WWDC was tomorrow. I meant that moving from an 5 year old i5 model MBP to i7 and dedicated GPU should grant more horsepower.
  9. I agree with you, Macs do last forever, I've had one for 5 years, but I'm looking for something new, with newer specs. Thanks for your suggestion. The laptop looked good, but I'm not sure how good the specs are, dual core i7 and no dedicated GPU
  10. Yeah, maybe 4000$ is a bit overkill. I shall look into the XPS15. Thanks!
  11. Look at the settings on your phone, check that you have it in MTP or PTP mode. Hope it helped.
  12. So, I just want to start off by saying that I have considered buying the new macbook with touchbar. But after looking around at other options I really would want something with better specs. I have landed on the newest razer blade 14" with the updated i7-7700HQ . I would prefer to stay under 3500 €. I need this laptop to be portable and have good enough specs for programming/IT work. It wouldn't if it could handle some light gaming but it doesn't have to be a "gaming" laptop. Primarily thin, light, portable and good specs.
  13. Thanks for all the replies, have been looking at the 850 Evo since the price differences isn't that big. Also does anyone know of a good cloning program since I would like to keep my files and change to the SSD completely.
  14. So I'm looking into buying a new SSD for my laptop since I'm running out of space. Thinking of buying a 500 GB one. Any recommendations of what brand SSD I should buy? Thanks in advance!